'; 1 piece of advice to the 16 year old me – Antonio Aguirre Jr

1 piece of advice to the 16 year old me

1 piece of advice to the 16 year old me

Here’s one thing I wish I learned when I was 16 years old and full of imagination, and I want to share it to you, my young reader.

Always remember that you have the best ideas inside you. The opinions of other people surrounding you are mostly noise that is more distraction than helpful. You have your own vision of how you see things, focus and build on that. All these actions that you take must come from within you, which makes your ideas unique. So always do the things you love to do, because if you don’t like what you’re doing, then you should absolutely stop doing it right away and review where you are at now. With everything I decide on to do, I always follow what innate feelings I have. 

I enjoy my own imagination. I am addicted to the process of completing my ideas from top to bottom. I refuse to operate my ideas with fear. Continue building on the ideas of those that have been established before you. Let that light up your path and give you direction in case you get lost. Stay inspired from within always. 

And never forget to enjoy the moment of happiness that you are in at. It’s the best high you can get, ever. Get addicted to that.

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