I miss my dad. Especially during times where I want to have a real decent conversation. A dose of reality if you would say it. The last conversation we had was 2 days before he passed away, at a car wash with me. I remember it like it was not 8 years ago. I just recently purchased a brand new SUV back then and I brought him with me so we can have a nice chat before having some snacks after.

When you get older, you realize a few things some people will not get yet, which is ok. It may take them a moment or a lifetime to realize these things. It took me about 5 years after this final conversation I had with my dad before I realized what he told me. I realized that the solid gold Rolex watch on my wrist and a no name watch worth Php 2,000 will tell me the same time. The high fashion brand wallet I owned and a generic leather wallet will hold the same amount of money. The 220 sqm home we live in now and a 1,000 sqm house will host the same loneliness or happiness. A Range Rover that I always dreamed about owning will drive me as far as my Ford Everest now will. I will not find happiness in chasing materialistic things. It can be found in sharing laughter, moments and love with the people I care about the most.

This was the most important thing he told me that stuck with me that time: “The holes dug for us in the ground are the same size.” and visiting him reminds me that.

Featured photo: This was during my dad’s birthday supposedly last September 27. He loved Tropical Hut Hamburger food. It was one of our bonding moments together growing up and when I was still an office worker.

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December 21, 2020 Khel Lawrence

This really is an eye opener and I would like to thank you and your dad. It makes me think of how people would prefer purchasing branded items instead of generic ones and based on your dad’s advise, I think the Gen Z’s should learn, understand and appreciate this small advise and apply it.

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