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3 Steps to a PERFECT PITCH

Have you heard about the “Elevator Pitch”? It’s a 30 second answer to the “What would you do?” question. It’s so used widely because delivering it should take you the length of an entire elevator ride. This is the way I’ve pitched first time to everyone to get to that very important sit-down meeting with…

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What’s a logo? You see it everywhere and every time on everything. Logos leave a lasting impression that identifies to your brand. It is a symbol that form the center of your brand’s visual identity as a whole. Logo is short for “Logotype, from the Greek word logos and typos (word imprint). Working with my…

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One thing that stands out for me when I help entrepreneurs start their own small business is that their branding and logo don’t exactly meet eye to eye. It’s a common problem. I’ve seen brands that have approached me and my first reaction is a face palm, like, “what were you thinking?”. The thing is,…

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The sheer importance of branding

I keep talking about how important branding is and here’s what I learned being so brand conscious myself as a kid growing up due to 3 things: 1. Family influence 2. Peer Pressure studying in a private school and 3. Marketing influence (TV, Billboards, Magazine). So many people tend to buy brand names no matter…

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Let’s all admit it. We’re all hypocrites in our own way which we’ll never admit publicly. Sometimes we are that guy protesting capitalism with a megaphone purchased from SM or Lazada. Sometimes we are that girl who tweets viral posts on income inequality using a cellphone made by underpaid workers in a third world country….

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All About Contracts For Freelancers

I’ll tell you this, and I learned this the HARD WAY: It’s always a smart idea to protect your business and yourself with a contract in play before you begin being on a retainer or before you even start working on a project. There have been a lot of cases where I worked my ass…

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Asking For A Salary Raise

We’ve been there before. That jittery unsure feeling of what to say to your boss, those sleepless nights trying to compose that message or short speech on why you should be given a raise that you think that you deserve after serving for a certain period of time. As being both a paid employee and…

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Appearing successful for others to see and envy on social media with material possessions that give short term happiness or validation = FAKE HAPPINESS and the OLD STATUS SYMBOL Don’t be fooled. Real happiness is FREEDOM. TIME freedom, LOCATION freedom & FINANCIAL freedom. FREEDOM & HEALTH are the REAL STATUS SYMBOL of REAL HAPPINESS. Here’s…

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How To Negotiate Like A Pro

Have you ever been offered a job, bought a car or a house? If you have, then you must have had the opportunity to negotiate. Sharpening your negotiation skills will benefit you and your business significantly. I negotiated one of my business from being acquired for 60% of what I was asking, to 100%. I’m…

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How To Invest in Yourself

Becoming more valuable gradually happens over time. I’ve been there myself. I remember my first gig where I was being paid just a little over minimum wage as a consultant back in 2008 to now where I can command way more than that just for my time and thoughts in certain businesses. What I can…

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