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Ready to quit your day job?

WHEN TO QUIT YOUR DAY JOB – Believe it or not, I was once an employee. From 2003 to 2010. I worked with many different jobs I cannot recall all of them, but I mostly settled into the BPO industry, particularly Technical Support, where my last employment work was being the Operations Director of a global tech company. I had a great paying job back then and great benefits. Trust and confidence was present between me and our client. My global account organization was delivering beyond client expectations. I’d say I was ok with my job, but not 100% happy working for someone else.

Even if paid good money, I’ll still be a paid employee. I thought that it was time to move on to my own business, but I could not take the leap. But fate would later do that for me instead. Instead of having the courage to quit the high paying job and pursue the dream of being in marketing and events, the entire business unit got retrenched. The entire business unit was transferred in favor of cheaper costs to another country.

So there I was, with the thought of when to quit my day job. But instead, I found myself jobless, but highly decorated and experienced. I pondered if I should look for another job same to the last one, or just pursue of my dream of having my own business? Of course I chose the latter, and I started my first company called Sole Slam in 2011. The rest was history.

I always had the lofty dream of becoming a legitimate multi-millionaire on my own. But I always thought, my salary in my last job will not allow me to do that. I knew I had to quit my day job someday. Sure, there are some jobs that will make you one like law, accounting, investment banking, stockbrokers, traders, tech start-ups, surgeons, architects and the list goes shorter after that. Check the homeowners of the most expensive villages in the Philippines, and most likely, almost all of them have their own business or they got a pretty good loan through their company as a top level executive. The latter is rare to say the least.

Walking away from a secure or a dream job could be your jumpstart to making your financial dreams. You will find a lot of amazing stories of people who walked away and never looked back. Google it and you will see plenty of success stories all over the world. Search out for stories of people who knew when to quit their day job. It’s truly inspiring to see how people have gone about creating their own wealth and fulfillment just from an idea or their passion.

The question is, will you stay working as an employee indefinitely? Or will you set an end date? Or maybe you’re just going to take a leap of faith to becoming your own boss now? Tell your “Fuck it! Let’s do this.” moment if you’re one of those that took a leap of faith.

Should you stay or should you quit your day job?

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January 25, 2021 BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR DAY JOB - Antonio Aguirre Jr.

[…] day for a very long time? Know your intentions. 2. PREPARATION IS KEY – During my last blog (read here), I mentioned about taking a leap of faith and just saying “Fuck it! Let’s do […]

January 26, 2021 renato

You can quit your job at anytime. Don’t quit unless you 100% believe in your startup being able to support you financially and you have money saved in bank account to support you giving that you won’t have any significant income in six months.

January 26, 2021 rhona

You can quit your job when your startup is making money stably and towards better direction. When you find the time you spend on full-time job can be more useful and valuable if spend on your startup.

It depends on what kind of business you do.

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