What makes someone successful? One common thing you will see is the willingness to take on greater risks. It’s a major component to achieving the grandest goals in life. You may be surprised too that it can solve 2 kinds of problems.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you haven’t or don’t achieve your goals, you most likely are playing it safe, maybe out of comfort. Again, it’s your willingness to take risks bigger than what you feel you can take.

Isn’t it an irony that opposing ends of the stick here come together in the area of risk?

In addition, if you’ve been hitting all the goals you’ve set for yourself, chances are, those goals are not difficult. It might be time to push the envelope for you. The road to the higher level is an uphill climb, so there’s no cruising or coasting there. You have to use all your power to get up.

Now I want you to think about the next major goal ahead of you. I need you to write down your plans for you to reach them. Then go over it, check whether there are enough risks involved, not just financially, but emotionally, physically and spiritually. In essence, time is the biggest risk here, because you’ll be dedicating lots of it.

If you don’t find much risks, I need you to find parts of those process where you can push the envelope further, taking bigger chances to increase your opportunities for success.

Pro Tip: Time to increase your risk threshold starting now.

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December 15, 2020 Marinela Paano

My plans to reach my goal is to establish first my self-esteem. I do take challenges as a step closer to my goal but most of the time i doubt my own ability. But i always keep in mind that in order to be successful you will face many obstacles that you need to overcome. The higher the risk you take, the closer you are in achieving your goal. Keep in mind that it’s always better to take the risk than lose a chance.

December 21, 2020 Khel Lawrence

Actually, this is a helpful tip for those who are thinking of what they should do now, especially with the pandemic.

A lot of people always complain that life is hard, wishing that there will be no more challenges in life, problems should have an easy fix, etc. Like what I always mention to my friends, students, and relatives. Always be grateful that you are getting hurt, you are challenged, you are having a hard time overcoming those obstacles. Because life is all about hardships. It is how we handle and manage them that we should be thinking of as well. If there would be no more hardships, then might as well consider yourself “dead” because you don’t feel anymore pain.

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