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A man can live about 40 days without food.

He can live about three days without water,

and about eight minutes without air.

But he cannot live one second without HOPE.

Without hope, there is no life that keeps us moving.

GM ☕️

I always remind myself to be thick-skinned more often,

And then say f*ck off more often.


Because just being too sensitive will give you more bruises than inner peace. ❤️

One of the most difficult things to do is convincing your mind that it’s not hard:

It’s not hard to express your feelings.
It’s not hard to wake up early.
It’s not hard to get into shape.
It’s not hard to make money.
It’s not hard to gain freedom.
It’s not hard to ask her out.

Remember those who were there for you during the bad times.

And everyone that checked on you if you’re okay too.

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#LifeDeck Business/Mindset Podcast 🎙

A self reminder for you that one beautiful morning like this, you’re going to be living the life that you prayed hard for.

Until then, keep going strong, like my coffee.

GM ☕️

Tag someone who naturally brings out your inner child and makes you laugh. 🏷

That person brings out the best emotions ever.

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