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Stay in your own narrow lane.

Don’t bother anyone.

But don’t let anyone bother you too.

Being lowkey and success go hand-in-hand.

The better you mind your business, the greater your success is.

Whenever a toxic person no longer has a hold on you, they will do their best to take control of how others see you. The types of misinformation about you will be unfair, to say the very least.

Stay above it because you trust people will eventually see the truth like you too.

Wanna stay poor?

Continue hating on rich people.

I never understood why people do so.

They are still rich even if you complain or rant about them.

People love to hate on what they don’t have or what they don’t understand at all.

Envy is a great way to distract the best of us.

Do not compare yourself and your personal belongings to others.

The only competition you should focus on is with yourself.

Most people do not struggle to reach their goal.

Where they struggle the most is understanding what their goal is.

You can’t hit a target that does not clearly exist.

Can you stop blaming your parents, your friends, the economy or the things that happen to your life every time something doesn’t go your way?


When you blame others, you weaken your power.

Every Sunday morning, I always ask myself why do I want what you want.

When you know your WHY, you can endure any HOW.

When you know your WHY, you’ll know your WAY.


Are you in your 20’s?

- Start a side hustle
- Get out of bad debt
- Learn digital marketing
- Invest yourself in training new skills
- Read about successful people using books

Stop wasting your time getting social validation for your feelings or your material possessions.

Are you still doing any of these socially? This is part 2 of basic social etiquettes we all need. Out now on my YT channel “Coach Antonio Aguirre Jr.”

Thanks for sharing and subscribing. I reply to all good comments or questions. ❤️


The magic that multiple streams of income give you is the feeling of confidence that you can create more money from other sources.

Always have options. A life of abundance is crucial

One source of money = stress

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