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Do something this week that scares you.

It’s about time you stepped out of your comfort zone.

“Courage is not the absence of fear. It is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.” - TJ Hoisington


If there is something you don’t like, take away its only source of power:

Your attention.


Start your Monday strong 💪🏽

8 Modern Must-Read Books:

1. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant
2. The Psychology Of Money
3. 12 Rules for Life
4. The War of Art
5. Can’t Hurt Me
6. Atomic Habits
7. Deep Work
8. Mindset

What books would you add?

True friends aren’t those who make your problems disappear.

They’re the ones who will NOT disappear when you’re facing problems.

Tag a real one. 🏷


Keep your struggles to yourself until you succeed.

Many people will judge your current situation.


If these people don’t appreciate your success,

They don’t want you to succeed.

These people can’t be with you for the long term.

Time 👏🏽 to 👏🏽 cut 👏🏽 them 👏🏽 off 👏🏽


10 Everyday Millionaire habits that changed my life, and I hope it could change yours too.


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Personal Branding doesn’t happen overnight.

It took me more than a year to rebrand myself,

and consistent effort to build a solid one today.

Learn how to plan and invest your time accordingly.

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