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“Your network is your net worth” is one of my favorite quotes to say whenever I’m doing talks to colleges and companies. Networking leads to new connections, that can lead to clients, new business opportunities, mentorships and more. Here are seven tips to make you think you’re networking and believe you’re connecting people. LinkedIn activity...
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I keep talking about how important branding is and here’s what I learned being so brand conscious myself as a kid growing up due to 3 things: 1. Family influence 2. Peer Pressure studying in a private school and 3. Marketing influence (TV, Billboards, Magazine). So many people tend to buy brand names no matter...
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I wrote this on my social media account about a year ago and I wanna pounce on this one again through my blog. Influencer marketing is overly underpriced if you work with plenty of micro and even nano influencers. They’re very authentic for one because even if they have fewer following, they have a strong...
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The gig economy is massive and just as important as any business there is right now. I’m in it as well and I freaking love it. Earning in the gig economy is basically about identifying opportunities and growing your path to being average to becoming big. It takes patience, a lot of it, so here’s...
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So you just started your business, but the problem is that you’re in the Red Ocean Market instead of being in the Blue Ocean Market (ROM – A lot of businesses in the same business; BOM – Only a few in the same business), and now you have plenty of people in the same neighborhood...
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