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The 7 Laws of influence explained – How do you measure a leader’s influence? Simple. Influence. There’s all there is to it. Real leadership isn’t awarded, assigned or appointed. It is gained only through influence, it can’t be mandated. It is earned. Here’s how you can find leaders. You can prove that a leader exists...
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There are plenty of people that I know that possess great heart and the willingness to give but then they have so little to offer. There’s a phrase you probably heard of before and it goes like “You can’t give what you don’t even have”. Why is this? The answer is simple, they have not...
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Here’s one thing I wish I learned when I was 16 years old and full of imagination, and I want to share it to you, my young reader. Always remember that you have the best ideas inside you. The opinions of other people surrounding you are mostly noise that is more distraction than helpful. You...
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