Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What makes a business different and stand out

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What makes a business different and stand out

Did you even wonder why some brands make a killing off of their products just because of their name or just a certain product that only them does so well? It’s because they have a “USP” or Unique Selling Proposition. So what is your business’s USP then? To answer that big question is your baby steps in making a business that is genuinely something your customers or clients will truly love. Just remember that you can’t be all things to people unless you’re Amazon.

Having a good USP will provide you with the following:

  1. Be a memorable brand for years and decades to come.
  2. Offer different products that appeal direct to your consumers.
  3. Create pricing prowess based on the name itself.
  4. The unique ability to stand out from the rest of the competition.
  5. Build a solid foundation of loyal customers.
  6. Make your brand a trustworthy household name that stands for quality.

Here are some useful tips for making an efficient and truly effective USP:

  1. Be different from your competition – Be careful about stepping into the BEST IN THE BUSINESS trap mentality. Instead of thinking you are the best at what you do, make a constant effort to showcase what makes your brand different from others.
  2. Be personable to your customers – People like buying things from people directly. The pandemic showed that precisely with people selling home made food, products and services to people directly. A strong personality can help your business, as long as you align what you’re selling to it.
  3. Unpredictability is such a delight – When you’re able to develop a product plus a service mindset all throughout your business, you’re going to surprise a lot of people. Whether you’re in coaching, food, creative or in retail business, when you’re going that extra mile for each customer, you’re going to build a solid loyal follower base, guaranteed.
  4. KYC – Know your customer. It’s important to identify and appeal directly to your ideal type of customer that you wish to tap. Know their preferences by listening to their feedback, watch their shopping habits and what sells fast from your products. Factor all those things when planning your next release, product development or service offering.
  5. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS – Yes, the customers are always right. If your product is not selling, know why. Is it because of the quality, the price or something else? Learn from your customer’s feedback by asking them directly and telling them you appreciate their feedback. It shows a commitment that you’re always willing to improve your brand!

Question of the day: What is your brand’s USP? Chirp in the comments section!

*Note: I used Sole Slam as the featured image because it’s my example on what makes my brand unique and not the “BEST” out there. That’s my USP for my brand.

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December 16, 2020 Khel Lawrence

I agree with what was stated here, especially what makes a company “unique”.

For me, my USP would be using fresh produce and creating and cooking the food fresh. I do not offer those that are already common house foods, but I want to offer somethinf new and fresh.

Another USP would be offering healthy foods as well. Aside from utilizing fresh ingredients, I create my own sauces that does not have any added preservatives.

My business is somewhat unique as I have a niche (Healthy Lifestyle) market.

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