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Important steps in naming your business

Important steps in naming your business

What’s in a name? A lot. Before you were even born, your parents spent some time and energy thinking of a name for you (well most of our parents did), because they knew it was the first thing that will come out of your mouth every single time you will introduce yourself, for the rest of your life!

So basically, it’s the same thing for your business, it’s for life! And even if you rename it, first impressions will always last for your business. This is why it’s very important to choose a name that will stand the test of time, not just for now. So, how do you come up with a kickass, cool or respectable name for your brand/business? Here’s 6 steps:

  1. Moment of truth: Are you a brand or not? – You’ve got a big decision to make. Your name is best suited to be part of your brand identity if you’re offering some sort of coaching, consultancy or creative services and if you are the face of the company. If you aren’t any of those, you’re not part of the brand, so remove your name.

2. Be inspired – Generate a list of the top 15-20 brands you love that’s closely related to what you have. Then ask yourself “What makes these names appealing to me?”. Then start drafting your own final list of names.

3. Create a tagline – This makes it all clear for you and your brand to people. A unique, original name is both an asset and a difference maker, in a negative way. First important rule in creating a name is that if your brand name doesn’t describe the product(s) or the services you offer, then you most likely will need a tagline or a super brief description. That tagline can change from time to time as you evolve as a brand, so don’t worry. You can stick to it as well if people recall your brand based on your tagline too, if it still makes sense.

4. Is it in use already? – Ok, here’s where Google will become your best friend. You will have to do your research on your shortlist for names already in use, locally or internationally. Why? So you’ll eventually be far away from any demand letters coming your way finding out that there’s a brand somewhere else in the world using the same name as yours and that’s already registered to them. It’s gonna be a bummer too if you find out that the perfect name you came up with is already taken. Website hosts such as Hostrident.com offers you to check for available and taken domain names easily.

5. Determine domain name – Alright, so you’ve narrowed down your list of names, so now it’s time to consider your domain options. Remember the different domain dot names are reserved for certain types of business such as .org (non-profit) and .edu (for educational institutions). For profit businesses, the most commonly used domain is .com, .net or .biz. But there are unique domains such as .club, .xyz or .team that offer cheaper annual rates to retain.

6. Get as much feedback – Here is where you may want to listen and feel the emotional feedback your business name will provoke when you ask your most trusted friends and family for their honest opinions. Do not get offended if they think the name you created or chose sounds “stupid” or “ugly” to them, take it all into consideration, take the positive and negative feedback as feedback to guide you completely in determining what’s your final verdict!

So, tell me a short story about your brand’s name and why you chose that name in the comments section! Share if you found value in it as well.

*I used my personal logo as the featured image for this article which was created by one of the best logo makers I know and love in Io Castro.

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