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Being committed to your commitments

Being committed to your commitments

So you’ve finally decided to start your own business, and now your head is spinning like a top relentlessly. I tell you what, it’s normal to feel that way. Many start-up entrepreneurs are stuck because of a lack of confidence, motivation and a source of funds. It doesn’t need to be you, BUT success does need you to be honest with yourself.

Here’s FIVE important tips on how you can stay committed and not freak out about it:

1.DISCIPLINE – Take some time out to map out your weekly and monthly schedule. Create a personal groove on how your day or week works out, and determine where you will be working most of the time. How are you going to organize your time is important in creating discipline without being distracted. I usually spend 2-3 undistracted hours committing to what I want to accomplish everyday, and that means no distractions like social media, family, news, food or anything that will derail you from your daily goals.

2. SETTING EXPECTATIONS – Are you committing to your work full time or are you focusing on your new business 100%? Whatever it is, you will be spending countless more hours working hard more than ever. Be honest with the people around you that love you, your partner, wife/husband, parents, family and friends so that they understand where all your focus is going in to. The more they understand you, the better support you will get, because they also become committed to your goal in their own little way. Just don’t expect them to do work for you for free!

3. TIMELINES (And trying your best to adhere to them) – Give yourself a timeline or a self imposed deadline that you’ll adhere to. Remember when you were a student and you were given a deadline to finish your project at a certain period of time? You were trained to work better with deadlines in place since you were a kid. It subconsciously gives you a feeling of security and responsibility. Maybe you’ll spend 6 weeks or 6 months trying to grow that side hustle of yours or plan to do a break every year. Whatever that is, your timeline can make you feel a lot more comfortable knowing you are committed to completing your goals, one step at a time.

4. OUTSOURCING – As the CEO of your own company, your goal is to make the least possible decisions more and more, as your company grows. That’s how you gain more freedom to do more things or add new businesses. With that in mind, ask yourself what can you take off your plate to free up more time that you can afford to do? Start with the small things in mind, as those can add up to more time on your hands to be more productive. Examples of that are getting someone to do your social media engagements/customer service, deliveries, budget allocations or reduction in voluntary work. Make it count!

5. REVIEW AND REVISIT – Setting a date on reviewing your business will do wonders for you! It gives you a clearer idea on how things are currently and what you can improve on. You’ll be surprised on what you can find out about your business and your strengths after each passing year! Put a date on the calendar to take some time out for your annual business review exactly a year from now.

That’s it! I hope this adds more value and direction for you on your business commitments! What other ideas do you have? Add on to the comments sections!

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