In marketing, great companies invest well in a good copywriter because their story potentially touches the hearts and minds of the masses. Typically, a sales agent will be able to contact customers one at a time, whereas a copywriter can reach all of them all at the same time using communication channels such as but not limited to sales letters, magazine ads, billboards, social media posts, and blogs like what you’re reading now.

Copy is a big part of your brand’s image because in order to present your company and communicate with your target customers, your language should be aligned with your brand’s personality. So the question is: What makes a great copy? During the lockdown’s early stages, I took the liberty to study Business Copywriting in Harvard Business Review, hence the reason why I started blogging daily since September of this year. I want to share with you the top 7 key takeaways of what makes a great copy.

1. TELL THE BENEFITS BEFORE THE FEATURES – There’s a tendency to write about features first instead of the benefits, which is a common mistake we’re all guilty of sometimes. The goal here is to persuade your customers to BUY, so the best way to do so is to answer this question, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM?”. Once you answer that, you can tell the benefits of your products or services BEFORE the list of features.

2. ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS – What can you provide your customers? That’s the main concern of your consumers. Whatever you write should always include something that would be appealing to them and shows them how you could give what they need. It should at least excite them.

3. EACH PARAGRAPH NEEDS TO BE ON POINT – What’s good for online is SHORT PARAGRAPHS, What’s good for prints are LONG PARAGRAPHS (mostly). With that in mind, write only what you need and not more than that. Every word counts. So go straight to your point and make sure your point leads to SALES. Try using ACTIVE VOICE SENTENCES that are shorter but more effective than passive voice sentences are.

4. USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE – This makes everything easy to understand. Avoid technical or complicated terms. Most customers won’t understand your copy and will just give up on reading it. What a waste of time, right?

5. FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS’S EMOTIONS – When selling a product, it’s not just about making a list of reasons why your customers need whatever you’re selling. You create a scenario that tells people about what your collection is about, your brand, and your inspiration behind it. People get carried with a great story that can get to their hearts and minds, which helps connect their emotions to your brand.

6. ONE IDEA AT A TIME – A trick to keep your customers reading what you’re writing is to have only a idea per sentence that engages with them. Keep sentences to 15 to 25 words only. Lastly, keep your reader in mind by considering how they would feel to what you wrote.

7. HIRE A COPYWRITER – It’s very tricky to find each and every mistake in your own copy because we wrote it ourselves. So forgive me if in some of my articles, I may have some errors, as I am also my own copywriter (well, my wife Kristina also helps out but only after I publish what I write). When you’re close to your brand, you could be writing in a biased way, which is forgivable. I suggest hiring a copywriter to double check your copy to make sure that it’s error-free and that it’s OBJECTIVE. Doing so will help your brand look competent and professional.

I wanted to give a quick shoutout to 2 great copywriters I have asked advice since I started my writing career (if you call this fun thing a career), Rogel Simon and Erik Ong. If you’re looking for great writers for your brand or your website, reach out to them.

Question of the day: Have you ever done a copy for your own brand or for a friend’s brand? How did it go?

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January 1, 2021 Khel Lawrence

Actually, I have not created any copy write, even for my own small business as I do not have any knowledge of it, or am not really aware of how to do it and its benefits, but I will try to read on more about it.

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