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LIFE LESSONS FROM CURTIS “50 CENT” JACKSON – I’ve always been a fan of 50 Cent. Ever since his first major hit song “In The Club” became a mainstream sensation, his meteoric rise to success has not stopped. Nowadays, he steps well into his 40’s (45 now in 2020 to be exact). What made him a street smart hustler as a young kid dealing drugs and getting shot 9 times, has made him a hit also in the business world. Besides being an award winning rapper, he’s also an entrepreneur, actor and a producer coming from Queens, New York. He’s been recognized as one of the most talented and prolific music artists of his time. This is with Grammy Award winning, record shattering debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”.

He’s the founder and CEO of G-Unit Records. Responsible for a number of multi-platinum hit artists. They include G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. producing a wide variety of content across different platforms and TV networks. He executive produces, directs and starts in the Stars # 1 show “Power”. He is a true entrepreneur. A real rags to riches success story with his brands covering a wide spectrum of businesses. These include footwear, clothing, fragrance, video games, publishing, headphones, liquor, healthy drinks. He also has ventured into supplements, home accessories and other merchandising businesses.

He’s one of the rappers that made it big outside of what made them famous and rich. This comes with the savvy moves he made. They include the lessons he learned from his many publicized failures that just made him even stronger. Here are 9 important lessons he has shared in his book “Hustle Hard, Hustle Smarter” which I loved reading. It was as if I could hear his voice talking to me while reading his book.

Let’s dive into all of the LIFE LESSONS FROM CURTIS “50 CENT” JACKSON:

1. BE FEARLESS – People tend to run away from what they’re afraid of. 50 Cent does the opposite, he runs towards it. It doesn’t make him bulletproof or that he’s unaware of the danger. He fears also just like any of us. But he teaches people one of the greatest mistakes they make, which is become “comfortable” with their fears. Whatever worries you, it needs to be addressed head-on and engage in it until you’re able to resolve it. Refusing to become comfortable with fear gives us an advantage in most situations. When we address our small problems early on, we’re able to avoid making it an even bigger problem. How? By simply ignoring them. Nip it in the bud early on, so it doesn’t become a problem or be a reason to be fearful.

2. CULTIVATE THE HEART OF A HUSTLER – The term hustlin’ is associated with selling drugs. It’s a character trait that is shared by successful people in different professions. People such as Steve Jobs was much of a hustler at Apple, much like when 50 Cent was hustling on the streets of Queens in New York. The important factor to building that trait in your own personality is accepting that you’re not hustling towards a particular goal. Hustlin’ is a MOTOR that’s got to be running in perpetual motion inside of you each and every single day that you’re breathing. It fuels your passion and you can keep that motor running towards anywhere you want to head on to in your life.

3. BUILD A STRONG CREW – You’re only as strong as your weakest link in your team. This is why you have to be careful in who you have around you. Getting betrayed is never going to be from afar, but more so where you’re closest to. Find a balance between establishing the discipline and trust in the the people you work with and giving them the freedom to be themselves. Establish an equilibrium so that you’ll be positioned to get the very best out of your team.

4. KNOW YOUR VALUE – The cornerstone of Curtis Jackson’s sustainability of success is that he didn’t rush into deals even if his his has been synonymous with the quote “GETTING PAID”, he’s never chased money. Instead he evaluates every new venture based on long term potential, not on what his first check will look like. He lets money chase him continuously instead. Develop supreme confidence in your own worth, value and abilities altogether. As long as you’re betting on yourself, you’re always going to be a winner. Bet on the skills of someone else always, and you won’t have control over the results.

5. EVOLVE OR DIE – Curtis Jackson would be dead right now or probably be in jail if he was unwilling or unable to evolve as an individual. A major key to his success is that every stage in his life, he was willing to assess any new situation he finds himself in to be able to make the needed adjustments. While he’s always drawn from the lessons, he has learned from the streets that he’s not limited to them. He looks for ways to absorb new information from as many sources as possible.

“I don’t care where you come from or what you look like – If you’ve created success, I want to learn from you.” GOLD.

6. SHAPE PERCEPTION – Whatever you share with the world, from your energy, what you wear, your actions and your words, tells a story. Your narrative always presents you as the person that you want to be seen as, EVEN IF your reality tells a slightly different story. Here’s why. One of the major secrets to getting what you want in life is to create the perception that you don’t need a thing. While I know it can be a difficult energy to project, most especially when you’re struggling, but by being committed to that perception will make you attractive in these 3 aspects: PROFESSIONALLY, PERSONALLY & ROMANTICALLY.

7. DON’T BE AFRAID TO COMPETE – People will try to portray 50 Cent as a troll or a bully, and it’s not even accurate to say the least. His first instinct is to always build a mutually beneficial relationship with people that is also positive. In any case that someone isn’t interested in being friends with him, he is more than comfortable being an enemy to them. Jackson believes that competition is healthy for all the parties involved. 50 Cent has experienced what he calls his greatest success when he’s met his rivals head-on and without any hesitation at all. Coincides with number 1: Be Fearless.

8. LEARN FROM YOUR L’S – Curtis Jackson has racked up many victories over the years. He has much more losses than his wins. With that being said, Jackson is not an exception from the successful people that we know of today, it just makes him THE RULE. It’s rare that you will see a rapper, mogul, executive, entrepreneur or athlete whose losses don’t far outweigh the wins they’ve racked up. What makes them separate from the pack is that instead of ranting and complaining about or hiding from their L’s, they actively look to learn from them. Don’t be afraid of your losing, as it’s only a loss if there isn’t a lesson behind it.

9. AVOID THE ENTITLEMENT TRAP – Whatever Curtis Jackson has in his life now, it was never just handed to him. He had to fight for everything he’s earned. The concept of entitlement has never entered into his mentality. But even so, Jackson has still seen a lot of people that are entitled from the streets to the boardrooms. We’ll never find lasting success until we take full responsibility from what happens in our life. You have to remember that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING, just as you don’t owe anything to anybody else. Accept that fundamental truth and take control of that journey. It will open many doors that has seemed closed to you, open up right in front of you.

Which of the 9 lessons did you like the most from Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson


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What people talk 27 Comments

December 28, 2020 Timothy Carl Joseph Openiano

Not that I don’t after what I’ll receive in return of passing to this website. Tbh, I really love reading and specially writing as well. Actually, i tried doing blogs before ( and discontinue it for years due to CTS or Carpals Tunnel Syndrome and it made me stop using my hand to write over the net. But, now I’m slowly catching it but i am too busy with my job, and on the side I do sessions with my friends, workmates, and even relatives who are suffering from mental, emotional, and spiritual slackness. I am a graduate of BS Psychology, just sharing.

And with this, I am amused to know that blogging with the letter “B” is still existing in the era of vlogging with the “V”. You know, this is just I think the 2nd article of yours and im now fan. Thank you for your passion in writing, telling your thoughts, opinions, personal experience, and other thru blogging. Now, I am thinking of continuing my passion which is writing. And expect that I will be a constant visitor of your website. And no I don’t let it pass, I just wanna commend the looks of your website. Very poshy, I liked it! I hope we can be friends to all social media platforms so that I’ll always have updates about your inspiring posts. Done subscribing to newsletter.

December 30, 2020 Jimbogs

The most important lesson is to know your value. We have different attitude, perception, personality, skills, talents and more. We should not disparage ourselves because we are born with a purpose and our uniqueness is our greatest asset to create a better change.

December 30, 2020 joseph

Know your value.I arrived at a point where I understood that I was simply attempting to seek after different ways since I imagined that is the thing that others would acknowledge. I was worried about the possibility that that in the event that I let my creative mind take off to all the various prospects, individuals would destroy me or advise me to be “practical.”

Basically I got incapacitated with this dread of not being acknowledged. I was reluctant to appear as something else or head out in a different direction and seek after what really satisfied me. I put myself in a case.

At some point, I concluded that enough was sufficient. I spent a whole year of my life attempting to be “reasonable” and adjust to the assumptions for others. I understood that you can’t satisfy everybody in any case, so trying will not prompt satisfaction.

Genuine joy comes from being content with and glad for yourself.

December 30, 2020 Nico

I believe in being strong and fearless. Being bold isn’t the nonattendance of dread however the capacity to withstand it. Life speaks to fear. We experience it in our every day lives. Dread resembles a labyrinth, difficult to get away. Your life is a battle to overcome fear.

December 30, 2020 Rhona

In a world where so many people wear a mask, it’s such a beautiful thing to see an authentic soul. So to embrace your uniqueness to embrace who you are because you just don’t know who you can inspire just by being you. So celebrate that and know your value.

December 31, 2020 Jerome

Effective individuals have no dread of disappointment. Be that as it may, fruitless individuals do. Successful individuals have the versatility to look up to disappointment or failure take in the exercises and adjust from it.The one who falls and gets up is more grounded than the person who never attempted. Try not to fear disappointment but instead dread not difficult. Be fearless.

December 31, 2020 james

Know your worth. Chasing an individual doesn’t give you worth or fabricate values in you. You procure your incentive by pursuing ethical quality and practicing dignity.

December 31, 2020 aldwin

It is important to know your value because different people will judge our personality. Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own.

December 31, 2020 Genesis

Your time, energy, and love is very valuable. Pursue relationships with people who know your worth.Know who you are. Know what you want. Know what you deserve. And don’t settle for less.

December 31, 2020 jocelyn

In connection with having a business, the competitiveness will build and rise our goals. We should simply meet the top players, investigate their activities, duplicate their great qualities, and add something new and significant to their blend, and presto the writing is on the wall. A serious business in a profoundly serious market.Don’t be afraid of the competition

January 1, 2021 Khel Lawrence

“Avoid the Entitlement Trap” – for me, this one hits the most. Let’s face it. Asians are into entitlement. People are quickly offended if you do not mention their title because the would say that “I worked hard for it, so you should call me…” This is a load of crap because these “entitled” people would have already an air head. They think they are “entitled” but, the action and knowledge does not show. Paper-wise, then yes.. they have the title. But if professionally and attitude-wise, then they don’t deserve to be called that title.

I have experienced this over and over again. They think they can do such things because they have this “title” on their names. But it really annoys me because that is their only main reason why they get away with things.

January 8, 2021 Mike Ulep

“Don’t be afraid to compete” – Wherever you are, you will always be competing.. it may be for work, on queue for a line, job interview, competition, etc. Don’t be afraid to compete with other people. Always have the courage within yourself to compete and believe that you have what it takes to compete with others.

January 14, 2021 Anton

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

Failure feels terrible, like getting slammed hard in the face. The weather is sometimes warm, sometimes chilly and sometimes windy. The thing is the situations are never going to be the same. We all fail. Neither you nor I can be an exception to this rule.

According to Bill Gates, failure is just as important as success, because it gives you a chance to get closer to your mistakes by analyzing the loopholes, and believe to do better in the future.

February 4, 2021 Nico

Facing the fear mindfully. The truth is, we rarely allow ourselves to feel our fears. We run from them, pretend they aren’t there, distract ourselves, lash out at others, trying to find control. But we don’t even admit we have these fears, most of the time, let alone actually allow ourselves to feel them. So the practice is to just sit there when you notice yourself feeling any fear, and see if you can stay with it for awhile. Don’t stay with the story about the fear in your head, but rather how it feels in your body. See that it is stressful or painful or uncomfortable. Notice the particular physical feeling of this fear, this time. See if it changes. See what you can learn about it. See if you can be compassionate with it.

February 4, 2021 Andrea

Fearlessness is a quality of strong mind.

Every mind is directly responsible to determine his response in the given situation and also take appropriate decision as per the requirements.

The fearful minds hesitate, resist to take any bold decision and also hesitate to perform with natural rhythm inspite of knowledge about it. They knows the solution of situation but their fear restrict them to act boldly.

Knowledge, experience, training and education and observations certainly provide necessary skills to our mind but mind become fearless by strong desire, determination and willpower to face the routine situations without fear.

February 4, 2021 Andrea

In real life we have to face new, unknown, strange situation where fear factors is always present and play role in our response and decisions.

Those who can control their fear and do not allow it to control their mind are called fearless people, they can maintain their calm and cool, and can quickly establish their control over the situation are fearless minds. Such strong mind has this physic quality called fearlessness.

In short, whatever be the situation, fear can not establish control over strong minds, therefore such minds are respected as fearless minds and such people have quality of fearlessness. They’re leaders in the society.

February 16, 2021 Dwayne

Perception is important because without perception the brain cannot function properly, the mind cannot properly imagine things, thus reality cannot exist. To form, reality needs perception, the brain, and the mind to work together. Normally, we perceive our environment through five visible senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch, but we also interact with the environment with five invisible senses: proprioception, equilibrioception, thermoception, nociception, and interoception.

February 16, 2021 Dwayne

Perception is a combination of gathering raw data and analyzing it. We perceive with our senses and we analyze with our minds. This implies that everything we see, hear, touch, taste, or smell is being interpreted by a second layer, so that this is what we are used to as being a direct experience. The analysis part of perception plays a role in being able to discern illusion from reality both in day to day experience and more abstractly in terms of thoughts and ideas which may not be rational or logically sound. The importance of the analysis piece of perception is duly evident when we feel like we are about to lose our minds. It keeps us grounded and stable, awake and aware, normal and functional.

February 16, 2021 Genesis

Why Team Building is Important?: more open communication, increased productivity, and a greater familiarization with company culture.

When team building exercises are implemented, employees build trust and a spirit of unity. They get engaged with each other and with their work. Employees feel more comfortable expressing concerns and needs, which leads to more effective communication.

Team building can help your workforce get on the same page, work together, and increase their motivation to complete tasks in a timely manner. In other words, productivity can rise.

And, exercises in team building support a strong company culture. Regular efforts that engage employees with company goals, values, and standards of performance can not only establish a wholesome culture, but also maintain it.

February 16, 2021 Genesis

There are dozens team building activities you can use to develop relationships among co-workers, celebrate successes, and build communication skills. Regardless of the event’s purpose, always make sure you take time to organize the details, set goals and communicate your expectations to the team.

Whether the event is taking place in a meeting room or at a commercial event facility, make sure that engagement and a positive experience are top priorities.

Lastly, incorporate team building as an on-going part your company culture. One-off events can be fun but making team building activities a regular part of your operation will lead to better communication, improved morale, and higher productivity.

February 16, 2021 Anton

Courage is not the absence of fear but to push through it. To be fearless is to accept that which you fear most and conquer it. Fear is not real it is only a state of emotion created in our mind to keep us in our comfort zone, Now do not confuse danger and fear, danger is real and fear is not. we often fear what we do not know because what you do not know is worst than the dark.

What is like to be fearless, being fearless is leaving your comfort zone.

February 16, 2021 Nigel

It feels like freedom!

You can achieve all of the following and so much more:

You can take calculated risks without a fear of failure.

You can enjoy your life without feeling guilty

You will try new and adventures things which will be so great for your personal development.

You will not be afraid to talk to people and can potentially make so many great friends.

You would wake up in the morning refreshed and excited to take on what life throws at you.

You could finally live an authentic fulfilling life.

Being fearless means to take this burden off your shoulders, so you can finally get somewhere!

February 16, 2021 Edward

People are scared of competition because it means making comparisons and choices. They want to pretend that they are not being compared to others in every aspect of life. They want to pretend that they are above making comparisons and choices themselves.

Competition means one thing: a comparison. All competitions are comparisons. Wars compare the strength of armies. Sports compares the skills of athletes. Marketplaces compare the value of products. All these comparisons lead to decisions. Wars decide who rules. Sporting contests decide who wins. Most importantly for salespeople, marketplace competition decides which products, companies, and salespeople survive and who makes money.

People don’t like to face the fact of life that comparisons are inevitable. Every decision we make is based on competition, the comparison among alternatives. Before any decision is made, alternatives are weighed against each other. Even your own decisions about how to spend your time, who to spend time with, where to work and so on.

February 16, 2021 Edward

Because people are afraid of being compared to others, they pretend that there is some kind of “fight” and “meanness” inherent in competition. This is nothing more than another competitive strategy. It is the attempt to find a superior position when compared to others based upon a superior morality. This is a strategy used by those who cannot compete in more productive and positive terms. If you cannot win the contest, denigrate the contest.

But competition is not a fight. Competition is making comparisons, nothing more, nothing less. The opposite of competition isn’t cooperation, the morally superior position. It is having no alternatives to compare. Whenever a choice must be made, competition exists among any alternatives that are compared.

Of course, many people are afraid of competition because they have not been taught how to compete successfully. Those who find that they can successfully compete in some area, lose their fear of it.

Don’t be afraid of competition because it is a challenge for a positive change.

February 16, 2021 James Santos

The reason you are afraid of competition is the fear of losing. The best way is to get out of this is to quit gauging yourself against others. Compete with yourself and try to be better than what you were yesterday and see how much it makes a difference in the quality of life.

February 16, 2021 Rome

Fear is there when someone thinks about the future gain or lose behind the activity. Till these sentiments of Gain and Lose are there, fear won’t go. Competition is all about someone winning and someone getting a lose. One movie about, Sherlock Holmes at the climax has a beautiful line, “He, who played the Game for the sake of Game.”

Play it, don’t win or lose it, you’ll feel no more fear onwards, only after that.

February 16, 2021 Aldwin

Fear of failure makes you scared of competition. You need to understand that unless you appear in competition you can’t fail. And failing in something is not end of the world. Though it hurts really bad when you fail to achieve goals of your life. You need to let it go. If you fail at something, set new goals and start over. There will be some pressure from your family, friends who wants you to succeed. Don’t take burden of that. Appear the exam with calm and cool mind. Enjoy what you do. Never hold on to your failures.

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