Our habits are what dreams are made of. Not your affirmations, not your laws of attractions, not your goals, not even your hopes.


Do you have an admiration for someone who has done what you always wanted to do? Go ask them to tell you their good habits, and you will find out how to follow in their footsteps.

Warren Buffett, he reads 500 pages a day of books, newspapers and anything of value to his insights.

Elon Musk leaves a meeting or video call as soon as it becomes apparent he isn’t adding value to it.

Arianna Huffington gets exactly 8 hours of sleep every night and leaves all electronic devices out of her bedroom.

And me currently, I’m writing at least 3 to 5 blogs every day which compounds over time, talking about things that I know and love. I also allocate 2 hours in a day to take care of all my social media accounts, from creating content, to replying to every message or comment I get.

Question of the day: What are the habits that hinder your success?

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December 21, 2020 Khel Lawrence

What hinders my success is my laziness. Sure, I have a lot to accomplish, I always plan what to do for me to achieve something. But if I am not in the mood for it, I will not do anything. I distract myself from watching too much videos on the internet, and forget that I have something to accomplish.

Sometimes, I think that there should be someone there beside you who should monitor and motivate you to be better and chase that success and make it into a reality.

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