What’s a logo? You see it everywhere and every time on everything. Logos leave a lasting impression that identifies to your brand. It is a symbol that form the center of your brand’s visual identity as a whole. Logo is short for “Logotype, from the Greek word logos and typos (word imprint). Working with my amazing team, we’ve produced over a thousand different logos for different companies, big or small, and it’s one of the most exciting things for me as a creative.

There are 3 types of logos:

  1. Wordmarks – this is my favorite. Very easy to understand. It’s the company or brand’s name set in a font. My personal brand Antonio Aguirre Jr. and brand Sole Slam is in wordmarks. Most famous probably in the Philippines would be something like SM Malls and Jollibee.
  2. Pictographs – These are representational designs that are iconic. Examples would be PLDT, PAL, Globe, San Miguel Beer, Smart, Meralco including TV channels like ABS-CBN and GMA 7.
  3. Ideaographs – These are complete abstract forms of brand representations. First things that come on top of my head are Starbucks, McDonalds, Mastercard, Nike and NBC TV.

Here are some tips on making your mark in your chosen industry:

  • Have clarity on who you are as a company/brand.
  • Use COLOR MAPPING or better yet, entrust it to your designer.
  • Imagine your target customer and then paint a picture.
  • Make a solid commitment to your logo. When you redesign once in a while without reason, it gives a sense of you being counterproductive.
  • Always be conscious about the usage of it, especially in social media channels. They require logo thumbnails to your profiles.
  • Most importantly, hire a graphic artist or designer. A lot of people try to use Google and just rip off a logo from there that somebody owns. Sooner or later, you’re going to encounter legal issues or worse, be the butt of jokes in your community.

Question of the day: What are examples of the best logos that you have seen? Make sure to comment!

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December 16, 2020 Khel Lawrence

For me, I would say the best logo that I like would be the logo of Hyundai and Toyota. Both logos are simple yet, they have multiple meanings to them.

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