One thing that stands out for me when I help entrepreneurs start their own small business is that their branding and logo don’t exactly meet eye to eye. It’s a common problem. I’ve seen brands that have approached me and my first reaction is a face palm, like, “what were you thinking?”. The thing is, most people starting their small business think that a logo and a brand are the same, they’re 2 completely different things.

Your brand simply put, is the idea or image of your company and there are different ways to express it:

  1. Logo
  2. Slogan or tagline
  3. Business name
  4. Design
  5. Voice and tonality
  6. Content, intent and messaging

A brand has to have consistency that delivers value and ultimately makes people happy or excited. A brand helps you create a solid foundation and grow your loyal following. Doing so will lead you to a business that is thriving long term.

Here’s 5 critical steps to the creation of your own brand:

Step # 1 – A CLEAR MESSAGE – What is it that you or your brand does? What are your primary points that you want your customers to understand? Put your attention to your priority of ideas including values into a few key points to create a hard hitting tagline that goes hand in hand with your message.

Step # 2 – PUTTING IT TOGETHER CONSISTENTLY – When you put together your brand, it means that you are extending it to details like your stickers, signages, email signatures, your social media handles, etc. When you make decisions on all the aspects of your brand’s expression will help your entire team carry out the consistency and scale it as you grow.

Step # 3 – ONE BRAND VOICE – Consider this: If your brand was a personal brand like me, a real person, would that person be cool, fun, friendly, hip or bubbly? A brand’s personality and voice should shine through in displays, images and in print.

Step # 4 – BRAND SELF-AWARENESS – Your brand needs to be true to what it is and delivers what you promise to your followers. It’s talking the talk, and being able to walk the walk, from what you promote online, to how you deal with your customers when there’s concern. It’s personal.

Step # 5 – DESIGN, PICK AND USE AN AWESOME LOGO – Your logo is your face. It leaves a mark on people. It appears on almost every piece of product that you put out, pack and promote, period.

We’ll talk more about logo creations on another blog of mine here. I’ve had my team design thousands of logos for different clients in different fields and it’s always fun for me to see their logos flourish in their industry. It just helps validate what we’ve been trying to accomplish ever since. (For logo and branding consultations, send me a message, I’ll help you out.)

Question of the day: What’s your favorite logo in the world and why?

Featured Image: S/O to my favorite logo of them all. Hey, gotta love your own, right? LOL

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December 16, 2020 Khel Lawrence

My favorite logo would have to be Amazon. It was clearly clever that they included an arrow below the word from A to Z, that simply means they have everything in their store from A to Z, and it also represents a smile, bringing joy to the people’s faces when the package arrives.

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