3 Steps to a PERFECT PITCH

3 Steps to a PERFECT PITCH

Have you heard about the “Elevator Pitch”? It’s a 30 second answer to the “What would you do?” question. It’s so used widely because delivering it should take you the length of an entire elevator ride. This is the way I’ve pitched first time to everyone to get to that very important sit-down meeting with the person in charge. These three prompts will hopefully help you write down your pitch and strip it down to the bare bone basics:

Step 1: “Did you know…” is the bait. It’s the engager of your audience and puts in to frame the exact problem that your business/brand solves. It’s the one that catches their attention.

Step 2: “What I do…” now explains the products or services that you offer and how you actually do it.

Step 3: “So that…” is the expression of the top benefit(s) of your products/services.

In action for example, my pitch to someone that needs my business and/or personal coaching services would be somewhere along the lines of “Hey _____, did you know that your company could improve at least double on it’s sales with an streamlined approach towards advertising and marketing?” “What I do is I work as a Business and Personal consultant/coach to help companies or individuals get their business step up their game through proven methods I’ve mastered over the years. This is so that my work as a consultant comes into work to gradually help you improve in aspects that you need help with. Sounds good? Here’s my number and website.”. This requires a lot of practice. I do it in front of a mirror as if I’m talking to the client. I also do it in front of my wife Kristina who happily obliges and sometimes to my closest friends, then get their feedback. When you do it consistently, you become more confident in your abilities and areas of expertise, then you’ll always have an updated version of your elevator pitch that’s like a talking calling card in your head to pull out every single time you have that window of opportunity with a prospective client.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss about selling yourself without being a sell out.

Question of the day: What was the biggest pitch you did ever and how did it go?

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