Can you list your top priorities down?

WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES – Every time we think that we are busy, we think that we are achieving things. We are busy checking and replying to emails. How about being busy with our daily tasks at school or at work? We think we are busy with attending multiple meetings the entire day. Or how about those that are doing regular household chores like cleaning or the laundry? There’s a lot of things that keep us busy. But busyness doesn’t necessarily mean productivity.

Let me explain here.

Activity is not necessarily an accomplishment. Checking your email and responding to all messages is a task. People confuse fulfilling responsibilities and tasks as being productive. Prioritizing requires the ability to think ahead, knowing what is important, knowing what is next in line, and to see how it is all relative to the overall vision that you have.

There are 3 questions you need to answer to know what are your priorities.

1. WHAT IS NEEDED? – What do you need to do that nobody can or should do for you? If you don’t do it, will somebody else do it?

2. WHICH ONE WILL BE GIVE THE MOST VALUE? – This one requires you to work the areas where you have the greatest strength FIRST. Ask yourself if there is something that you’re doing that someone else can do at least 80% as well as you do? If yes, then delegate it if you can afford it.

3. WHICH ONE WILL BRING THE GREATEST REWARD? – What energizes you and keeps you passionate every day? We live on borrowed time, so prioritize things that you love the most.

Now or later? Prioritize which brings you the most value first

I wake up each day thinking of taking care of what makes me grow the most physically (working out & drinking water), emotionally (meditation & affirmations) and education (reading books).

Here’s how I do it.

I try to avoid getting stuck in time wasters like picking up my phone during the first and last 2 hours of my day. What are my top 3 priorities? I would say that my priorities are improving myself, time with my family and doing things that I’m passionate about.

Furthermore, I don’t see myself doing work that I don’t like to do or something that I won’t be able to provide any value for. I would have been saying different priorities to you here years back to be honest. What was important to me was way different to what I just mentioned to you. Picking up my phone every time I felt an email notification or social media notification and replying to them was being productive for me.

So what are your priorities each day? But before you answer it, give importance to the things that pass those 3 questions that I told you here. It’s all about return and the rewards.

Is your mind still cluttered with the wrong priorities?

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February 26, 2021 Rhona

We are lucky that we have got to live this life.
Most people take this life for granted, do the things what everybody else is doing, earn some money, feed oneself and family maybe, entertain oneself by one means or other and DIE.

My top priority in my life is realizing my infinite potential and take it out.
Make the most of what I am capable of doing.

One acts according to the knowledge one has about one’s own powers and potential. The more you realize about your potential, the bigger impact you can have on other’s lives and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

February 26, 2021 Rome

To be proactive in every field of life is important because if you’re not proactive, you will find it difficult to solve the problems of life.

February 26, 2021 Rome

Loving yourself is important point of life. If you are not loving yourself, then you can’t love anyone better. Because love is there inside you. Find it in yourself and spread around.

February 26, 2021 Rome

Helping others is crucial one. Because sometimes by helping others, you find a solution of your problem. It happens many times with me. So, help others and bring awesomeness in your life.

February 26, 2021 Dwayne

A top priority in everyone’s life must be to overcome the “fictional survival mindset” we all are in. We, the humans, are not fighting against predators, like the rest of the animal kingdom is. However, our species is in a continuous fictional race of survival. A race that is more dangerous than the survival race seen in the animal kingdom. A startling difference is that, in the rest of the food chain, animals live and let live other animals once their food needs are fulfilled, whereas, humans fight for survival every single moment.

February 26, 2021 Dwayne

We have created fictional worlds around us in the name of nations, religions, companies, jobs, healthcare, weird foods, skin color, etc. We enroll ourselves in these fictional worlds and then we constantly defend their boundaries. We fight hard to “save” these man-made institutions because we somehow convinced ourselves that our survival and the survival of a lot others “like us” is completely dependent on the existence of such worlds. Such complex fictional worlds create unnatural ecosystems that (generally) do not exist in the life of other species. Each one of us is enrolled in many such fictional/unnatural worlds, and we are constantly busy protecting our position in it and also protecting and growing those worlds. Why? Because we have convinced ourselves that our survival is dependent on the survival of these fictional worlds.

February 26, 2021 Dwayne

After millions of years of human evolution, we are still in a race of constant survival, which makes us no different than other animals. This complex fictional race of continuous survival is not only harmful to us but also for everything that exists on this planet and potentially elsewhere. An elephant that is multiple times larger than a full-size human consumes fewer resources in his lifetime, do less damage to nature, will give more back to the food chain after he perishes; more importantly, the elephant will lead a more happy life than we humans, a life that is more connected to and is in better harmony with the space he lives in.

If we manage to get over this survival mind set, we will start leading a more meaningful, enjoyable and useful life. Then and only then will we discover the true ourselves and unlock our full potential.

February 26, 2021 Joseph Santos

Love: you must be thinking why am I saying this the first priority, it’s because we like it or not, when someone hurts us, we get hurt and our career is hampered may be for a temporary period but still it has power to change our life in both the ways. Remember, random relationships, feelings can make your life just a random one because love changes everything.

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