THE 30 SECOND RULE EXPLAINED – What’s the first thing you do when you meet somebody for the first time? Most people focus on making themselves look good in front of the others. Some, like me, practice the reverse. It’s called the 30 SECOND RULE and this is how it works.

The key to the 30 second rule is to make contact with people, then find ways to make THEM look good, instead of focusing on yourself. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I want to do that?” Here’s why.

When there wasn’t any pandemic yet, and meeting people in public was the normal thing to do, I pause to think good and quick about something that can encourage them. What I tell people is one of different things depending on the situation. I can be in a thankful mood for something they did for a common friend. I could tell something nice about their accomplishments (this requires some research about the person of course). Maybe you could praise them for their business success or I could just simply compliment the way they look (without sounding sarcastic). This practice isn’t really hard to do, but it sure does need discipline, good effort and time.

It really makes a positive impact on people because the rewards for practicing and applying this is big. It could leave a lasting first impression with the person you did this to. Taking 30-seconds with each person you meet everyday adds value to them and also to you. It’s one of those good rules to follow and practice.

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January 14, 2021 Khel Lawrence

For me, I always base my first meeting on the first approach through their walk, hand gestures, face emotions, and their expressions. I already encountered many people and they have different vibes among them. I already experienced those who are excited, intrigued, appreciative, unexcited, lazy, arrogant, and reserved. Sometimes, I also use the eye-contact method, wherein during the conversation, your eyes are looking at each other and focus only there. This means that both of them are attentive and active listeners.

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