5 Movies/Documentaries Every Young Big Dreamer Should Watch

5 Movies/Documentaries Every Young Big Dreamer Should Watch

It’s a weekend! I usually reserve my weekends to watch a movie or 2 during this time. Here’s a list of 5 movies/documentaries you need to watch during your free time over the weekend. ??

  1. FYRE – Learn social media and how NOT to plan events. LOL

2. Catch Me If You Can – Discover the essential entrepreneur skillsets here. They are still spot on to this day.

3. 12 Angry Men – A classic film. Lessons on negotiation and persuasion secrets you don’t know yet.

4. The Devil Wears Prada – All about people and branding skills plus how to master those uncomfortable situations with the people you work with.

5. The Founder – Important lessons on starting a scalable business from scratch.

Notice that I didn’t add “The Wolf of Wallstreet” here. I watched it a lot of times already, I stopped counting, but I’d rather read Jordan Belfort’s book “Way of the wolf” instead. I just don’t like the idea of selling people a “lifestyle” and not a real system to lure people in. Besides, Leonardo DiCaprio man is already on this list!

Also, I didn’t take into consideration the entertainment value of the movies/documentaries here, hence no “feel good” or award winning movies like Wolf of Wall Street, Pursuit of Happyness or The Social Network. I’ll make another Top 10-12 list for movies every Entrepreneur should watch.

So, which of these have you watched?

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