Established in 1911 in Biella, where the company is still located with R&D in Montebelluna and offices in New York and Sparks, MD, Fila has remained faithful to its Italian origins, and style, passion and creativity, the essence of being Italian, are deeply embedded in its genetic code. Fila began life in the textiles business before going on to specialize in knitwear production. The company only entered the world of sport in 1973, after consolidating its expertise in the Italian textiles industry and assimilating the tradition of know-how that permeates it. It is no coincidence that Fila was the first company to populate the tennis courts with its mythical cotton rib, manufactured using a tubular process that until then was only used for other products. And it was once again Fila that brought about the demise of the white only tradition on the courts by creating a line of colored tennis apparel. As a global sports brand, research, elegance and innovation combined with a strong Italian identity remain the driving values behind the company's development. This is demonstrated by successful partnerships and product development initiatives with leading luxury brands and international ambassadors of the Italian way of life like Ferrari, Ducati and Pininfarina.

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