I just find it so weird to read comments or arguments of people saying LeBron is “only” 3-6 (possibly 4-6 in a week) in the Finals. As if winning in the Finals is easy or even getting to the Finals was easy. Shallow fans think it’s 1 vs 5 when it’s really 5 vs 5, and when people say LeBron gets contributions from teammates, they will say he was “carried” to a chip. Basketball is not a 1 vs 1 sport. It requires teamwork, great coaching, support from team ownership and team chemistry (just ask the Clippers) where putting together the best talent will only guarantee you a chip in NBA2K.

Just think of all the HoF players who never even won a chip or better yet tasted getting into the Finals by leading their team. They even had to join great teams in the tail end of their careers to try and even get one out of fear of losing out. MJ went 6 for 6 in the Finals but not before losing in 1st rounds or Conference Finals trying to “carry” a team on his back by himself, before starting to trust his teammates like Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Kukoc and even Horace Grant, so let’s not forget that.

LeBron will help carry a team to the Finals and hold everyone in his team accountable (and vice versa). He will demand rookies/young players to be traded for tested vets because he is in his prime years. He won’t lose a 1st round series for your team nor will he lose in the conference semifinals. He will do whatever it takes to get your team out of the Conference Finals as long as he’s healthy. He’ll score if his teammates can’t, pass the ball if his teammates have a better shot and defend the best player if necessary. He’ll establish order in your team’s locker room as a clear cut alpha, create instant team chemistry and be the coach inside the court. He’ll be the first player to bring chips to 3 different teams and he still won’t be the GOAT. And it’s alright. That’s the tradeoff for getting a really talented player like him, your window to win is right away when you get him. Heck, I bet if the Hawks, Wolves, Suns, Hornets or my favorite team the Wizards get him, he’ll probably help bring that team to the Finals. Every team he leaves gets worse, not better or remain at that level. He’s that good. He knows what he brings to the table.

The man is one of the most polarizing personalities in sports (either you like him or you don’t). But judging someone and continuing to hate someone based on their past mistakes or what he said wrong in the past (2011 post Finals comments) is just being plain salty, so I feel bad for people who can’t seem to look past that. It’s been 10 years, give it up and give the man the props he deserves. He’ll be out of the league in a few more years. Respect his generational talent and his game even if you love to hate him. Basketball is and will always be a team sport, not about an individual player.

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