There are a lot of problems with giving away your power. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. You become highly sensitive to criticism – Lacking the ability to evaluate criticism is something I struggled with early on when I started to become successful. An opinion of someone is something I could not take positively, that I had to always think about retaliating in a negative manner. I take anything anyone says to heart. You’ll give much more power to other people’s words rather than those words deserve.

2. You lose vision of your goals – Building the kind of life that you want when you allow other people to be in control of your own goals is something you won’t be able to do. You can’t work towards your goals successfully when you let other people interfere with your progress or growth.

3. You ruin great relationships – You will likely grow resentful towards someone if you are not able to speak up when people hurt your feelings or you allow them to meddle with your life in an unappreciated manner.

4. You Depend on others to regulate your feelings – You become completely dependent on other people and external circumstances to regulate all your emotions when you give away your power. Your life now suddenly feels like a roller coaster, up high when you’re feeling good and down below when everything (your thoughts, feelings and behaviors) shift.

5. You become a circumstantial victim – With this, you become a passenger in your own life rather than the one driving it. You will often hear yourself saying that other people make you feel bad or force you to behave in a manner which you don’t like. You’ll then blame others instead of being accepting of your responsibilities for all the choices you make.

6. You stray away from addressing the REAL problem at hand – When you give away your power, you lend yourself to being someone who is helpless. Rather than being focused on what you can do to improve the situation, you’ll find excuses left and right to justify your current problems. And that compounds over time.

7. You let other people dictate your self-worth – Giving others the power to determine what your self-worth is like having the feeling of not being worthy enough. You’re only going to be as good as someone else’s opinion of you and you will never be able to receive enough praise or positive feedback to meet your growing needs if all you do is depend on others to feel good about yourself all the time.

Lost your power over yourself? Time to reclaim your power. Without the confidence in who you are, your entire self-worth may depend on how others feel about you. You’ll always be worried with “What if I offend people?” Or “What if they don’t like me anymore?”. Choose to put up healthy boundaries. You may receive some backlash from people, yes that’s possible, but if you have a strong sense of self-worth, you will quickly learn that you can tolerate any repercussions. Learn how to identify those people who have taken your power and harness compassion. By doing so, you let go of your angers or fears, so you can focus all your energy on a more worthwhile cause.

Everyone will always have an opinion, but those with strong minds and are successful never allow one’s opinions to define them. Always keep in mind that one person’s opinion of you doesn’t make it true. Taking back your power will make you so much stronger than ever before.

Tomorrow we discuss what happens when you take your power back.

Question of the day: Can you identify the people who are taking your powers from you and why you need to take it back from them?

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December 14, 2020 Marinela Paano

The person who is taking away my power is my own self. Maybe other people such parents, friends, classmates and relatives are causing me to belittle my confidence. I am super sensitive person and i felt worthless whenever they make me feel like a failure. I need to take back my power from them because it is me who should be a driver or the one who control my life, i may sometimes depend or affected by other people but i still need to be confident and never allow to lose myself and my power to overcome my own battle.

December 14, 2020 Khel Lawrence

People nowadays trust easily. There are some people who are just “leeches” in our lives and slowly takes away our powers. Some of them are even hidden or they are hiding in plain sight, and surprisingly, they could be your closest friend.

Inhave experienced this personally. I had a close friend who is “loyal” to me at work and supports all my projects. Sadly, that person was already leeching my projects and claimed it to be theirs and the boss appraised him.

Up until now, I don’t know how I can get my name back for this matter.

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