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Vlogging, Blogging and Podcasting

Vlogging, Blogging and Podcasting

The market for content driven marketing in the digital world is now at an all time high. And it’s not slowing down at all. Most content creators are into at least 1 of the 3, besides their own social media accounts. If you’re looking to build your audience, there’s no better way to do so than creating and promoting high quality content with consistency. Agree? I have all of these 3 covered. I have a Podcast called the Life Deck Show, a YouTube channel in my name and this blog that you’re reading now which is my favorite of them all if you ask me, since I am at best a writer.

Let’s talk about the 3 types and how to promote them. Let’s go!


Shortcut for “WEBLOGGING”, it has been around for more than 20 years and refers to regularly writing and sharing fresh content on your website filled with photos, links and videos. The goal is to do at least 400 to 800 words, longer if you’d like, and posting at least 4 to 7 times a week. Work ahead so you can bank a lot of content ready in advance. I usually bank in 10 to 15 contents in advance. It gets more when I’m in the mood and it’s also helpful when I’m not in the mood to write knowing I have a scheduled blog up regularly every morning, every day.

Promote your blogs via your own website, your social media channels, other sites, social media groups you are a part of, email listing (I use webmonkey) and publish it in LinkedIn.


This is the video version of blogging. Sharing regular video updates that talks about topics of interest related to you or your brand. Think bite size when it comes to length and strive to be an original (not another copy of a famous vlogger), then show your personality by being you!

Promote your vlogs via YouTube, your own website, your social media channels, email, other sites and social media groups.


I love talking, but I’m camera shy, that’s why I chose to do Podcasts instead of Vlogging at first. I recorded every Podcast episode I made of the Life Deck Show with me unconsciously looking at the camera. Podcasts are a great way to connect to your listeners that are on the go or need someone to listen to on their background while working. It’s also easy to record using your smartphone’s built-in microphone or connecting it to an earphone. Aim for episodes between 15 minutes to an hour and create an outline or a very basic script to stay focused on your conversations or topics. Be sure to take advantage of the SHOW NOTES section to mention your own site and social media accounts in the recording itself so you would know how many loyal fanbase you’re attracting by the followers and comments you get.

Promote your podcasts via iTunes, Google Play stores and all the podcast platforms you’re in. I use anchor.fm. Use your own website to promote, your social media channels, email blasting and other websites including social media groups (fb groups).

In addition to why I love Podcasts is because it’s a QUINTUPLE THREAT for content. Here’s why:

1. It’s a Podcast, so audio content in many podcast platforms.
2. When you record it with video, it now becomes a Video Podcast for your YouTube vlogs.
3. Getting best snippets from the Podcast video can be used for your social media content. Ex. A 3 minute segment of your Podcast can become a post for fb, twitter and IG.
4. Transcribe it and it can become an e-book and also an actual book.
5. The best quotes in your topics you can write them down and make it a fb and twitter post that you can screenshot for use in an actual post too.

Check my social media feed on fb and IG, you’ll see most of it stems from my Podcasts! Enjoy!

Question of the day: What platform are you into the most out of the 3 and why?

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