TRUST: The Benefit of Integrity

TRUST: The Benefit of Integrity

Allowing other to trust you stems from integrity. That’s the bottom line of it. Without trust, you have nothing and everything that you have can be taken away just like that. Trust is the most important ingredient in all types of relationships. It’s is the glue that holds all people together and the key to becoming a person who can be of true influence.

You could assume that people would continue to trust you until such time that you give or show them a reason not to do so. During today’s time with most people, we need to prove our trustworthiness initially before moving forward. This is what makes integrity that important if you want to be someone of influence. Trust only comes from others when you are able to exemplify a solid character & reputation.

You will never know a person until you see them interact with a child, when their boss is away, when they think no one will ever find out or when they’re given so much power. People with integrity will never have to worry about it. No matter where they may be or who they are with or whatever situation they could be in, they remain consistent and continue to be guided by their principles.

Question of the day: Do you behave in a manner consistent with your principles of integrity no matter where or whom you find yourself with?

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December 12, 2020 Jimbo

Yes, trust is very important in a healthy relationship. Wala kang pag-aalinlangan kung meron kang tiwala sa mga taong nasa paligid mo. But it is hard to act in a consistent manner principles because people change.

December 19, 2020 Glaiza Dizon

If you are known for your integrity, you will gain trust and respect from the people around you.Your integrity is your most trusted friend as it keeps you on the right path. Make it your goal to be a person of integrity always,no matter how many temptations or challenges you face.
Naniniwala ako sa kasabihan.. “Ang tiwala ay katulad rin lamang ng salamin. Kapag ito’y nabasag, mahirap na itong buuin dahil nagkaroon na ng lamat.”

December 13, 2020 Geno M.Bahay

Trust is very important in the society ? we need to trust one another to have a better place to live in ?? but dont broke the trust kase pag ito nasira mahirap ng ibalik ang trust na yun even na pinapatawad kana ng isang tao pero andon pa din yung part na nasira muna ang isang trust na binigay niya noon ?? godbless happy sunday @chengsy

December 14, 2020 Marinela Paano

Yes, my integrity is my pride. Being trustworthy is having an integrity. Integrity in such a manner you will never make anyone doubt you because they trust you and believe in you that no matter where they are or who you are with and in whatever situation, you’ll remain consistent and guided with principles.

December 14, 2020 Khel Lawrence

Honestly, I am consistent with my integrity. I portray my personality evenly with everyone. But once somebody is not comfortable with me or betrays me, I cannot portray the same anymore. I can have a professional relationship with them even though they broke my trust. But I am pretty sure that I cannot trust that person anymore.

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