THE CAUSES OF INSECURITIES & OVERTHINKING – Do you know the reason why most people buy things that they don’t need, but still buy them nevertheless? How about why some guys or girls haven’t asked the person they liked for the longest time just yet? How about those that have not talked to their boss yet about a promotion that they always deserved? Or why some have dreamed about having thousands of followers talking about their passion but haven’t started that YouTube VLog channel of theirs yet? (BTW, I’m on YouTube too It’s because of their insecurities and fears. They’re not aware of it, not even it’s manifestations. And sometimes, it’s just more than just insecurities or overthinking.

You see, most of the things that drive us all, however big or small they are, have a place where it all began deep below the surface level. We’re not aware about those places or took the time to know the reason why. To answer the question “Who are you?” (previous blog needs us to stop entertaining our minds to put band-aids to know what’s the wound underneath it. That’s the only way to figure out what’s going on beneath a person’s insecurities.

Understanding our motivations behind our actions is how we can learn where it came from. From there, we take the needed action plans to have small progress moving forward. Not around, but through it instead, no matter how small the openings may be. This is how we make bold moves to reach our goals. It makes the effort to do this. Here’s why.

Take the time to discover what’s beneath our surface in different areas. Examples are our careers, our relationships and other things makes us go for what’s the best. Do this instead of getting what’s just easy to access or is available to us. Removing the band-aids needs us to ask ourselves the question “Why do I do that?”. Allocating the time and place to do this is something that needs our utmost attention. You need this uninterrupted time so do what you need to get this for yourself. Otherwise, the wounds will never heal, worse of all, it is going to stink.


I usually just sit in my car by myself at times and spend time to reflect on those things underneath my surface that drives my surface. I treat this like an appointment that I set myself like my regular car change oil every 10K KM. It’s because I recognize that I can’t miss this because my life depends on that. This is part of “Me” time that I always tell my students that they need to provide themselves regularly. We sometimes get so busy and tied up with our work and responsibilities, that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves, not just physically, but our emotional state as well.

A life that is always on repeat every single day is a life that has no expectations to grow or learn. A life that is constantly anticipating means that it’s ready to do a lot of self-examination. You can’t fix what you don’t have the time for to understand. I know it scares and makes you uncomfortable, but if you’re willing to take this take seriously, you’re going to find a lot of good information about yourself here. Some difficult, scary and unavoidable things? Absolutely. But then you’ll know what to it takes to be the REAL YOU. This is how you can deal with your constant insecurity or your constant overthinking. You’ll be able to take head on the actual nuances and hindrance in your life, not just the ones you perceive.

Do you really want to just settle for a surface level you instead of discovering the real you? If you are just surface level you, then you’re just wasting another moment not getting to know yourself, which makes you not worth it get to know.

Go in front of a mirror and ask yourself “Who am I really?”. You’d be surprised with the response that you’ll get.

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January 4, 2021 Khel Lawrence

Actually, this is really the no. 1 problem of people– “doubt”, or “fear”. We always have that potential at hand, but doubting ourselves will weaken our potential. It may be because of a trauma we experienced from trying the potential, or the fear of an unknown future.. Who knows? What I really know is that doubting will get you to nowhere. Always have to try…at least you did something..

January 8, 2021 Mike Ulep

Everyone has their own insecurities in life. May it be their own physique, or with other people, this is already a part of our lives. Whenever we want to accomplish something, we always think of something negative — our “what if’s”. This is natural for us. Whatever those maybe, what I may share with everyone is to think clearly and carefully about your what ifs in life. Always think positively and little by little, remove your insecurities in life.

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