Continuing on yesterday’s blog on how to have a single direct message to your consumers, we talk about the challenges to overcome in today’s ever evolving world of fashion business. I’ve listed down 4 challenges a brand has to overcome for their business to succeed continuously.

1. BALANCING BETWEEN CREATIVITY AND CONSISTENCY – It’s really difficult to be consistent and evolve at the same time. Each time you create a new campaign or design a new collection, you will want to create a new experience for your customers. And that’s hard. At the same time, keeping an element of consistency so your customers have a sense of familiarity is something to keep in check too. It’s going to take some effort to get the balance right.

2. DIFFERENT TONE OF VOICES OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS – It’s hard to keep a consistent tone of voice with multiple team members that represent your brand, with each one having a different take on creativity. Their understanding and perception towards your company, along with their communication style could be different. The employees themselves could not realize it as well.

3. VARIOUS ROUTES OF EXPANDING THE BUSINESS – There’s going to be plenty of chances to expand the business as your brand starts to grow, but not all opportunities will resonate with your brand identity or values. Choose the approach that fits your brand to avoid confusing your customers.

4. DEALING WITH THE EVER CHANGING TRENDS – Let’s face it, following trends means you many be favored by the majority of consumers over a period of time. But by chasing trends will make you lose your identity. The thing to focus on is staying consistent with what you believe in, and add trend focused details that align with the values of your brand instead.

Question of the day: What are the challenges that your clothing brand deals with?

The next 12 weekday blogs (my weekend blogs are not related to fashion entrepreneurship) will focus solely on STARTING YOUR BRAND. Covering naming your business, setting a budget, business plans, funding, pitching to investors, bookkeeping, accounting, cash flow control, hidden costs, sales performance metrics and product performance metrics plus copyright/trademark/patent and abbreviations you need to know.

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December 16, 2020 Khel Lawrence

In any industry, the number one challenge for everyone is to be updated with the trends as people change their needs and wants constantly. For entrepreneurs, this would be cumbersome for them to keep on researching on the trends and change the line up of their products and services.

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