I’ve read and listened to different ways to embrace failures from different people. While they’re all nice and lovely, I find most of them impractical to say the least.

While our failures shouldn’t stop us from our pursuit of success, it gives us the question of how and what next? Succeeding at the big tough things, we just have to be be absolutely all in. Bet big on ourselves. There should be a feeling of 101% wanting it so bad to the bones.

Now I know it can be and will be crushing whenever we fail at the big hard things in life. It should be. Life is tough. So how do we bounce back stronger than ever from a failure? To make a constructive use of the word “failure”, it should be important to never let our identities intertwined with any of the 5 types of failure below.

Here’s a simple 5-step checklist that’s setback proof:

1. I recognize that I have failed. I don’t deny it, especially to myself.

2. I then remind myself that I am NOT a failure just because I failed in one of my goals.

3. I will learn everything on the reason why I failed. It’s how I do research analysis of myself and the efficacy of the action plans I took.

4. I remind myself that next time I do this, I WILL WIN.

5. I know then that with my failure, I will never fear failing again and again.

Question of the day: I want to know your strategies on how you get back up from a knockdown loss. Share yours!

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January 1, 2021 Khel Lawrence

For my own strategy, I always reflect on myself on the steps that I made when I was making the project. I reflect on what I did wrong or what made it wrong. At first, I try to be alone and just think. If they are ok or not. Or sometimes if my superior had the idea wrong.

If the project was a complete fail, and I cannot handle my stress on my own, I talk to some of my close friends and reflect as well. Sometimes, it is ok for us to fail, at least we could reflect on how we can improve for the betterment. Motivating myself is not enough for me. I always get more encouragement from my friends.

January 11, 2021 Pogi

Regain balance. Some guys will try to bounce up and down or jog around the ring. Others will try to plant their feet and not give away their shaky legs. I’ve never been here before but I would say try not to sit still, move a little, breathe! The hardest part for many fighters after getting knocked down is that they don’t realize they’re vulnerable. They don’t realize their balance is off. Many of them actually feel fine. No pain at all!

January 21, 2021 rhona

First instill in yourself the Belief that You can get up. Creating that belief within you will take some necessary contemplating. As you contemplate you’ll realise whether the trouble is really worth overcoming or better to let go of. Time is the most precious commodity we have at our disposal and we might as well use it first on things that would actually make a difference in our life. Many a times getting up from something is only a matter of getting over it.

January 21, 2021 rhona

Creating a belief in yourself makes you look at the positive sides of overcoming something. It makes you keep in mind not only your goal but also all the rewards that would come along with it. The world may hardly notice the struggle you go through while getting up from an ordeal. You might feel all alone in your fight. Make positivity your friend.

January 21, 2021 edward

I usually stay down for a while, let the failure sink in. I accept the failure and then get up determined. I feel accepting the set back is the first step towards success.

Everybody falls. Even the mightiest people in the history have fallen. They succeed because they don’t give up.

January 21, 2021 Joseph Santos

Every man faces ups and downs in his life. Sorrows and pleasures are two parts of life like the two sides of a coin. In fact, life is full of bad as well as good incidents.

Some of them are forgotten with the passage of time while others leave an everlasting impression on the mind and are always cherished. We do not forget them for the whole of our life. We enjoy the moments of pleasure while the moments of sorrow plunge us into despair.

The most important thing is to use your failure as a motivation to be better and knowledgeable.

January 21, 2021 jocelyn

I will fail or lose only if I give up, or stop trying irrespective of what the outcome is. If I keep trying till my last breath and do not get anything in return, I will still die peacefully as I would know that I have fought.’

January 21, 2021 Hans Angelo

When I get knocked down, I find peace in the abyss, stay a while to explore its darkness, recollect my findings, and rise back up to the shining surface.

What’s my reason? In the end, when we are nothing more of this world than a pile of soil, we will not have the luxury of rising back up, so I enjoy the moments of failure, success, and the struggle because even though the future is endless, I have a past that is frozen in time.

January 21, 2021 aldwin

Life is hard. Sometimes it is brutally, mercilessly so, and as far as I know, there’s no consolation for this. Suffering is suffering. There’s no secret trick or solution to make it otherwise.

But life can also contain moments of beauty, wonder, joy, bliss… There are no guarantees, but our only chance to experience such moments is to keep on living, to “just keep swimming”.

January 21, 2021 Henrique

Whether it’s life or an accident, I would always get up and walk. Staying down and feeling sorry for anything that happened to me would come very easy to me. Staying down will only surround you in the maze of negative emotions of hurt, self-pity, hatred and bitterness. And it’s very easy to lose yourself in this maze of pessimism.

January 21, 2021 Janeth

A knock down can be in form of emotional loss and can be inflicted upon you because of varied uncontrollable reasons and it affects you for a long time. Getting up again, believe nothing has happened and carry on with your normal journey in certain cases is difficult because often you loose the purpose why you stood or walked for.

Often in such situation I remind myself I should consider myself lucky that I have a able body and brain which can be used even though not for myself but can always play a useful role in someone else’s story, share the lessons i have learnt and help them reach their destination.

One’s soul is most alive while doing a selfless deed.

January 21, 2021 nico

I’ve seen quite a few failures in my short life till now and I can proudly say I’ve fought them all. Some I won, some I lost. But I never let those failures destroy me or change me. That doesn’t mean that I’m stoic and unaffected by them. I may be the weakest person inside. I cry my heart out when I fail to get what I really wanted but I manage to get myself back on my own. For that I’m enough for myself. I don’t wait for circumstances to change, I change them. Not getting up is just not an option.

Thankfully I am blessed with great friends who understand me and have always helped me overcome my dark and lonely times. And as I grow up I realized that all the suffering is worth it because they help you discover who you really are, make you stronger and make you respect your life even more.

January 21, 2021 Anton

I will always lay down for sometime to analyze what when wrong, why it went wrong, so that when I come back – I’ll know I am right this time.

January 21, 2021 genesis

Every failure is a learning opportunity. It generally means that your perceptions and expectations are not in accord with the reality of the situation. In one way or another you have misconstrued.

Getting back up often involves a paradigm shift. We need to unlearn assumptions that were formerly comfortable but, as we have discovered, inaccurate. The old assumptions prevent us from taking effective action.

January 27, 2021 THE POWER THAT FAILING GIVES - Antonio Aguirre Jr.

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