S.M.A.R.T. Goal Framework (any why it helps you create goals)

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Framework (any why it helps you create goals)

Every business needs to set goals. It guides you and your business in the right direction where you need to go like a captain to it’s ship. A S.M.A.R.T. goal setting guides you to create a business that is perfect for you. It’s makes you realize by defining what success looks like for you.

The S.M.A.R.T. framework stands for:

S – Specific | We all are more likely to attain a specific goal than a general goal. An example of that is: General goal: Fulfill plenty of orders. Specific goal: Fulfill 100,000 orders within the first year of business to open up more product development expension. When you set a specific goal consider these two things: 1 is what do I want to accomplish?2nd is why? and 3rd is by when?

M – Measurable | Establish how you’ll measure your own success by asking yourself: How much? How many and how do I know I have already accomplished my goal?

A – Attainable | When you set goals, you create a mindset of trying to accomplish them. But it’s also important to be self-aware of setting goals that you can really attain realistically because there’s the possibility of falling way short, which could discourage you somehow (which you shouldn’t).

R – Realistic | Pick goals that are as realistic as possible. Optimism is great and all, but being realistic puts you in your right perspective and not be delusional of you being overly passionate. Consider setting a goal A and B, a surefire goal and a hard to reach (not impossible) goal. Make sure to celebrate small wins that keeps you staying motivated, but never settle in on that.

T – Timely | All your goals should have a specific time frame combined to them. In that way, you’re always dedicated and motivated to reach them.

There are different goal types. Not all your goals need to be financial. It could be professional growth, skills development, increased visibility, operational efficiency, new partnerships or business expansions. Dive into all aspects of growth.

So now you’re all set to have your own Business Goals. Have fun with it and stay focused on your goals! Good luck!

Question of the day: What goal are you trying to achieve for your brand this year?

*Featured image: PLDT Smart Telecom Company. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this company on several projects and events throughout the years.

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