I read a few years back an article from TIME magazine about a study done by a psychologist on people who had lost their jobs 3 times and more due to businesses closing. What was discovered was amazing.

They expected the people being laid off to be beaten down and discouraged, but no. They found all of them to be incredibly resilient. Why was this the case? The conclusion of it was that the people who were able to weather the storms of adversity repeatedly had learned how to bounce back. People who had lost their jobs found a new one two times before who were much better prepared to deal with adversity, compared to those that always worked at the same place and never faced adversity such as losing their jobs.

I know that it sounds ironic, but if you have experienced a lot of failures in your life, you are actually in a better position to achieve success than people who have not done so much in their lives. When we fail, and fail, and fail again repeatedly, and keep getting back up on our feet to keep learning from our failures, we are building mental strength, experience, tenacity and much needed wisdom.

People who develop these qualities are capable of sustaining their success compared to many who receive good things early and with ease. Just as long as you never ever give up, you will always be in a damn good place.

I want you to take this day to celebrate your failures, each one of them, reflect on them, and be thankfully proud of these failures. They are your battle scars and lessons that nobody can take away from you.

A fool will teach you how to succeed. A wise man will teach you his failures. – Coach Antonio

Question of the day: What are your failures in life and why are you proud of it?

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December 20, 2020 joseph

Failing is essential forever. You will be unloaded, harmed, dismissed and frustrated. That doesn’t make a difference. It is your main thing next that counts.Im proud for my failures since I learned and at least I tried.

December 20, 2020 Khel Lawrence

Months before the pandemic happened, I was 60% unhappy with my work as it is too stressful. The job load was uneven, to a point that I had little to no sleep at all just to accomplish the work, much more not even thanking me for the work, and somebody else claiming it to theirs. Last February 2020, I filed my resignation that my last day of service was end of May 2020.

Yes, the COVID-19 had already started, but it was not that bad before. Little did we know, it got worse. I decided to file my resignation because I was unhappy and I tried to apply in other companies. I already had a company that I was just waiting for the final interview.

Then came March 2020. Who knew that the entire world would close their borders and great opportunities for a better life? The company that I applied for declined already my application. The company that I am working for already accepted my resignation and had to let me go last June 2020.

Biggest regret for now: Resigning from my work.
Am I proud of what I did?: At first, I was not happy at all as it hit me that I do not have anymore income and how can I pay the bills. But as time goes on, I thought of positive things and remind myself these two favorite phrases: “Everything happens for a reason” and ” This too shall pass”

December 20, 2020 Jimbogs

I failed always in time management and doing my plans. i am proud of it because i learned the value of it, i am now more determined to do something that is beneficial to me. Failures is just a symbol of new better beginning.

December 23, 2020 belle Caniga (pinay_trk)

Many people see failure as devastating, and yes I believe it definitely feels that way sometimes. Failure is hard on us emotionally and socially, and it makes us feel vulnerable. But we have the choice to make sure that failure does not have to be fatal: we can choose to let it hinder us or we can choose to take it and learn from it. Without failure or disappointment, we would never be encouraged to move or grow. We would become stuck in a mundane cycle with little purpose, meaning, and zest in life. If we didn’t have failure in our lives we wouldn’t be challenging ourselves enough or taking necessary risks in life that give us meaning and purpose. Failure motivates us to change, grow, and pursue life in a different light. Encountering failure gives us the opportunity to see that we are pushing ourselves and we are striving for excellence in our lives.

March 23, 2021 THE POWER THAT FAILING GIVES - Antonio Aguirre Jr.

[…] to fail forward. More on FAILURE – FAILURE: Your Best Friend, The 5-Step Failure Checklist, RESILIENCY: Bouncing Back From Failure People who are unsuccessful are usually so afraid of failure and rejection. They spend their entire […]

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