Making your own business VISION vs MISSION

Making your own business VISION vs MISSION

When you create your own brand or personal business, you want to share a vision on what your intent is or goal in mind on why you created or started it in the first place. This is very important because your vision is the heart and soul of your business, it defines all your goals and mirrors how you view the entire world with your business right in the middle of it. It’s also a guiding light to your decision making strategies as you go along your entrepreneurial journey.

Your Vision statement can be short and simple as a singular phrase or as long as 1 paragraph like the one above. It should motivate or inspire not just you, but everyone that works with or for your company including it’s future patrons.

The difference between VISION and MISSION

The difference is that a MISSION statement answers the question “Why does your company exist?” and a VISION statement will answer the questions “What is your ultimate goal?” that looks towards your future.

Steps to creating your VISION statement:

1. Think like you’re writing from the future – Vision statements are supposed to be forward looking, so imagine yourself five to fifteen years in the future and reflect on what your business should have accomplished by that time. Always use the present tense and be direct with your language. Don’t use flowery words. Again, short and simple but powerfully direct to the point.

2. Define what your CORE VALUES are – What are the most important values for you? How do you see the world around you? These questions are what you’re supposed to answer here by listing all your values and views.

3. THINK AND DREAM BIG – Your VISION statement should be very ambitions, not modest at all. Show your passion and complete emotion towards your entire statement!

4. Gather and accept feedback – We all have that “inner circle” of trusted people, right? Time to put them into good use now by talking to them and asking for their thoughts or opinion. Listen carefully to add or guide you further on what your vision is.

That’s it! If you feel like you’re stuck, get some inspiration! Gather 5 to 10 brands you absolutely admire, then research their Vision statements. I usually find them on their website’s company or “About” page. Good luck!

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What people talk 3 Comments

January 19, 2021 jocelyn

My Mission: “Bring smiles across kids’ faces as they engage in the learning process”

January 19, 2021 jocelyn

My vision :“Bringing Life to Words that Inspire People to Build Towards a Better Future”

January 19, 2021 Hans Angelo

My mission and purpose are to be in service of others and help as many people as I can to improve their lives and reach the success they desire in life, so that I may leave a legacy.

I am also an avid animal lover and rescue supporter by making donations to some centers and helping anytime I can.

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