Ah yes, referrals, recommendations and “word of mouth” are small business owner’s best tools. They’re so inexpensive and valued to land clients just like the ones you love the most.

To encourage them to do so for you, ask a client to consider referring you to another client after you’ve successfully concluded a project with them. Also, offer incentives for referrals such as discounts, early VIP access, advance product offers and more. Additionally, consider returning the favor when there’s an opportunity to do so too!

I wanted to touch base also on testimonials. These are valued highly today. These are meant to be written kudos that you can use for your marketing/ads. Ask your clients for this, and ask them for permission to use them on your social media accounts, website, emails and a lot more. Be considerate if there are sensitive information that needs to be covered up like sales numbers and such.

This blog of mine gets an average of 2,500-4,000 visits a day, so consider commenting below your name and what you do/offer including where they can reach you. You might just land your next big client here.

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