INVESTING IN THINGS YOU ENJOY – It’s going to be difficult to succeed when your work is driving you crazy. Nobody will consistently be great at things they don’t enjoy. What happens when a person doesn’t invest in things they enjoy? That person can make a lot of mistakes. It can be a bore. It can be a disregard for the important details and not have the energy for being a creative and innovative person.

NEWS FLASH: There’s no multi-millionaire or billionaire who made their wealth through activities that they dislike. Let that sink in for a moment before you ask me again the wrong question: How to make money?

But regardless of what you’re interested in, there are interesting and motivational ways to make money. You just have to find what works for you and make the money the byproduct of it. What does that mean?

– Buying preowned cars, fixing them and selling them for a good profit margin
– Buying sneakers, accessories and clothing that have a good resale value
– Writing ebooks, books, courses online to help inspire or educate people, which will bring you regular royalty income and possible speaking engagement fees
– Build up a coaching, mentorship and a training business
– Creating a product that you know a lot about that solves a “pain point” in society. The bigger the problem you solve, the bigger the value it brings to other people
– Learning a highly sought after skill in 2021 that’s interesting to invest time and effort, so you can enjoy while you learn. A lot of “done for you services” require a special skill-set and it pays well if you know how to charge properly.

There are a lot more things you can be investing on that you can enjoy. I don’t know what you like to do but I do know that you enjoy a lot of things that you have good knowledge on, and to someone else, that is highly valuable.

With all these things I mentioned above, I still have my own preferences of course. I love to teach and that’s why coaching or business consultancy is my main interest nowadays next to running my businesses simultaneously. When I coach, I only talk about things that I know, am good at, or interested in, which is health (physical, mental and emotional), wealth building and mindset. I try my best to stay in my lane but slowly widening my narrow lane as I grow.

I also only coach and/or mentor clients that I really enjoy working with. I’ve declined coaching requests from clients that offer a huge amount of money upfront, just because I don’t see things with them eye to eye. If it was all about the money for me, I would have accepted it but not enjoyed talking to the person for 45 minutes each week or be constantly texting the person back and forth all day.


How do you put all of this into action? There are 3 important things to take note of:

1. Trial and error

It’s hard to know if you’re going to enjoy something when you haven’t even tried it a couple of times, right? So dip your toes a little bit and see if you like it. Sometimes it’s just gut feel, or get excited with other people’s enthusiasm. But ultimately, it’s when you try it where you can see how energized, interested, passionate, dedicated and motivated it makes you. Initially it could be just the idea of enjoying something new, but when the dust settles, a person gets overwhelmed and could just walk away from it. Which is fine. The important thing here is that you tried.

2. Enjoying helps you on your pitfalls

When you spend your time and money on something you enjoy doing, you will see things through the bad times. I hosted a podcast episode with the guys (Ron and Stephen) from HOFA.PH and they mentioned being stuck with the assets and investments that you like to have, even if it loses it’s value or resale price. They’re keen in investing in authenticated signed sports memorabilia that they enjoy more than the increasing resale value of it. It would be horrible getting stuck with things that is not liked. It just made me shiver thinking about it just now.

3. Being fine with not enjoying your work

You have to remember that your greatest financial opportunities might not always be in assets and things that have great appeal to you. I’d be lying to say to you that it’s not all about getting money in your bank account. When I got my first taste of real money going in to my bank account, it wasn’t such a big deal as I thought it was when I didn’t have it yet. But getting there, it’s important to be prepared to roll up sleeves and get hands dirty at times so that there can be focus on the things that is loved the most. Whatever you think will make you happy and enjoy. Isn’t that the most important thing?

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February 1, 2021 rhona

Investing in our passions is investing in ourselves. Our passions are uniquely ours. They make us feel alive, grateful, joyous, victorious and give us purpose within and without.

February 1, 2021 Albert

Life is dull without passion. We cannot achieve anything without it. Our relationships, career, hobbies and talents, all need passionate involvement. Excellence comes to those who live their lives with passion. Success follows them. So investment on what you enjoy or in passion is necessary in life.

February 1, 2021 James Santos

I never do anything for the sake of doing it. Even if I like something, I don’t start doing it because I don’t have a choice or I am bored. I don’t start a new book or new painting as long as I have the complete feel of doing it. Once I start, nothing can stop me. I put all my focus, efforts and dedication into it. I think this attitude is helping me to enjoy what I do. You can enjoy anything only if you have high percent interest in it. Whatever you do, do it with your mind and heart in sync. Then you will feel the difference.

February 1, 2021 aldwin

Because it is a one time offer. Every second, Every minute, Every hour, Every day in your life is not going to come back. Time is what makes our life important. If someone has a power to time travel. Then there is no use in living.

Everyone dies. But when your time comes, On your last day, you be sure that you used this one time offer perfectly. Don’t do things that you will regret on that day. And don’t leave those things and ideas that you’ve got. Work on them.

This is what makes life important and This is why it is important to enjoy life.

Remember that life is a one time offer.

February 1, 2021 Jane

We all want to be happy and we treasure it above all other things in life.. As do I however ,is it just mad reckless emotions that make us crave happiness…

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can…

“The most important thing is to enjoy life- to be happy that’s all that matters. “ Accept whatever comes in your life this will help you to enjoy life. Self-motivation and acceptance is very important to enjoy life. Enjoying jokes and being funny is very important in life…

A laughing face can solve any problem that comes in life!!!

February 1, 2021 edward

We should enjoy because this is the purpose we are “created for”. Our matter is a desire, to receive as much pleasure for ourselves as possible. Thus if we can’t fulfill insatiable, ever growing desire for pleasure we suffer and live a miserable life. So we need to learn how to accept, receive pleasures perfectly so we can enjoy life.

February 19, 2021 Andrea

Everyone wants to do what they love. To create art, explore new hobbies, or run their own business. But for many, doing those things full-time isn’t a realistic way to make a living. Maybe one day — just not now.

As a result, many of us commit to being miserable in our current situation because it’s not our ideal. Why bother if things aren’t perfect today?

But that kind of attitude will get you nowhere.

Your job may not be perfect. Your supervisor may not be the most competent. Your schedule could be a little more forgiving. But unless you can change those things, it does little to waste energy complaining about them.

Just as negativity begets further negativity, the same applies for opportunity.

Commit to doing one thing exceptionally well. Learn to love what you do and people will take notice. More importantly, you’ll be cultivating a mindset that’s primed for success. And when the time comes for you to take the leap of faith to follow your passion, you’ll be ready.

February 19, 2021 Joseph Santos

The option to ‘do what you love’ can be a double-edged sword when you have no idea what you love doing, then the ‘what’ becomes a search. It could be an exciting adventure, or it could be a painful process with the questions ‘what do I love?!’ constantly looping in your head.

Not everyone will find what they eventually love doing, or one might have many things that they love doing, and become stuck in analysis paralysis – feeling that they have to get that one thing they love right, if not it’s wasting time, energy, effort or whatever.

Sometimes, we find that to ‘love what you do’ makes things less complicated and simpler to grasp. While you are searching and waiting till the day you can ‘do what you love’, why not find joy and learn to ‘love what you do’ first? What you are doing now may be a chore to you, but even in chores, they teach you something. And perhaps, that might lead you a step closer to what you love.

The best option though, is to have both – love what you do, and do what you love.

February 19, 2021 Jimbogs

For me that’s the most important thing in my career. Doing what I love is the main reason that I commit to my job and career. I never push myself to do something I hate or dislike in my life. And I never work for money too. Because if you are doing what you love, you don’t think like you are working. That’s why they say to entrepreneurs to start a new business of your own based on your hobby.

February 19, 2021 Jimbogs

Another reason is you’ll feel very comfortable about yourself and you can overcome all those stress and pressures. My job gives me lots of pressures and stress and it pushed me to give up sometimes. But whenever I think to change my job, I consider if I do what I love. Then I realize that I’m doing what I love and I’m doing what I desire. And whenever after I passed one difficulty or obstacle, I found myself tougher and stronger.

February 19, 2021 Aldwin

you need to remember not always will you be doing what you love at your job so also “love what you do” ,so that whatever work your given you do it well and give 100%. A right balance of both these statements in your question is required ,where “do what you love” is obviously more but the latter one also holds some substantial place.

February 19, 2021 Rhona

You see, the problem is, we are so desperately trying to believe that we are exceptional in a world, where exception is actually a rule since diversity is one of the pillars that mother nature stands on. So yeah, everybody is unique, and yeah, that doesn’t mean anything in the long run. It doesn’t give you an edge in any kind of competition.

In terms of earning a living, an occupation, there are only so many spots that are lovable, being interesting, non repetitive, letting you actualize yourself. You can love one from the start or you can cultivate love for in when you are there, but you must understand, love won’t get you there. Grit and critical thinking, planning will get you there, advantaged birth will also help.

March 9, 2021 Rhona

Choose a career you love, and if you don’t love it then change. Doing what you love will open up doors and opportunities to experience new environments and learn about the people and the world around us (all while learning about yourself as well. What are my true passions? What is my purpose? What are my strengths and talents? What drives me to want to do better? What makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning? Once you begin to answer these questions, you can then better gauge what career is best fit for you, and what will make you ‘truly’ happy. It may take a few different jobs/career changes to find your ‘niche’, but trust me its well worth it.

March 9, 2021 James Santos

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you’

March 9, 2021 Aldwin

If you are doing what you love, you will be happier. Not saying there won’t be some difficult days and difficult moments along the way, but even then if you find yourself struggling you will be able to work through a lot easier because it is something you are passionate about. It is a lot easier to wake up and go to work when it is somewhere you ‘want’ to go.

March 9, 2021 Aldwin

If you are doing what you love, it most often won’t even feel like ‘work’. You will be more focused and capable of living in the present moment, because your mind won’t be wandering off dreaming of something ‘better’. Your smile and conversation will be more genuine and in-turn you will attract other happy people.

‘It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together’.

March 9, 2021 Anton

Your job shouldn’t just be a source of income. If you don’t enjoy what you do, you’ll end up missing out on your life.

March 9, 2021 Redido

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.

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