For a brand to remain relevant and keep growing it’s fanbase, it has to relay a single direct message to it’s consumers. The key to building and maintaining a strong brand is through consistent messaging. Each brand new Season, every part of your business should be consistent with your core brand values. (Read my previous blogs about your brand’s core values)

Here’s how you can stay consistent with one single direct message:

1. A SINGLE DIRECT MESSAGE – Consistency is all about one single direct message. Your brand values, tone of voice, identity and style should all be presented in a focused and consistent way. You cannot change your voice every season as you will lose your fanbase, rather build upon it.

2. CONSTANT REPETITION – Your brand message or values should be repeatedly emphasized. Doing so will tap on to your customer’s sub-consciousness.

3. STAYING FOCUSED – Put your focus on selected core items that stand for your brand so your customers can recognize your main selling points. When you spread yourself too thin by developing too many products too quickly will distract and confuse your customers.

4. PROVIDE GUIDELINES TO THE WHOLE TEAM – Make brand guidelines that explain your brand values, mission, propositions, differentiation and tone of voice. They should be shared with the whole company, including design, product development, marketing, production team, third party consultants, freelancers and other potential partners.

Tomorrow we discuss the many challenges to overcome staying with your mission to deliver a single direct message to your consumers.

Question of the day: What’s your brand’s single direct message like?

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