Following through on yesterday’s blog on the reasons why you can’t sleep at night, which is primarily due to us using our phones at night to “help us fall asleep”, which I also explained why it’s doing the reverse to us. I researched on how we can prepare ourselves to be able to sleep earlier the most natural way. This is besides the obvious (which I will have to share also since many are still not aware) and not so obvious reasons why. This is how I stopped getting to bed at 11am and still be up by 3-4am (then wake up at 8-9am) to getting to bed at 12mn and be asleep as early as 1am and be up by 8-9am like clockwork. We talked about how important getting 7-9 hours of sleep daily should be part of our habits and I hope this list will help you do so starting with the most common problem: Our addiction with our phones.

We talked about how important getting 7-9 hours of sleep daily should be part of our habits and I hope this list will help you do so starting with the most common problem: Our addiction with our phones. Most of these are also habits of the most successful people in the world and I handpicked what they do that worked for me the best. If you’re also thinking if I’m going to suggest some prescription drugs so you can fall asleep faster, then this is not it also.

  1. Take a cold shower 2 hours before bedtime – Getting a cold shower instead of a warm bath gets you to feel cozier when you get to your bed. It also eases any irritable feeling you had the entire day like itching or a bad smell you acquired the entire day.
  2. Get a real alarm clock – We use our phones as an excuse to have it by our bedside. I suggest to get one of those cheap battery operated alarm clocks and place it at the farthest location where you sleep, somewhere where you have to stand up and snooze it. Also, by not using your phone as an alarm, it’s not the first thing that you pick up when you wake up and be tempted to do some mindless scrolling on your social media feed or the news. Speaking of phones.
  3. Change where you charge your phone – Think of a spot outside of your room where you can put your charger and leave your phone there charged. It should be somewhere you can still hear it when someone calls you. Honestly, I’m not going to answer any phone call during sleeping hours, if it’s not from my immediate family. If it’s business related, it can wait until I wake up. There’s a setting on our phones where we can set it to “DO NOT DISTURB” at certain hours. Do so 1 hour before bedtime and if you’re saying “what if I’m going to receive an emergency call from work or from family?”. That’s why I don’t suggest you put your phone on silent to receive phone call or text notifications. Other than those 2, turn your notifications off. That comment to your post on fb or IG by someone you don’t really care about doesn’t need to be replied at 3am, right? Bottom line is, your phone does not deserve to be where you sleep. Same with your TV.
  4. Set a timer for your TV to turn off 30-45 minutes before your targeted bedtime – Binge watching on Netflix and reruns on cable TV? Our TVs work the same way as our phones, they emit a blue light too that gives us “jetlag”. If you watch TV also like me before sleeping, set a timer to turn it off 30-45 minutes before you go bed. Also, don’t watch anything that you’ve watched before already. Why? Because it will just leave you hanging for more, and worse, if it’s a TV series that is addicting, you’ll end up telling yourself “1 more episode…” and before you know it, it’s 3 hours past your bedtime already. Or better yet, just don’t open the TV during bedtime. Watching something you’ve seen before doesn’t require much of your attention, and which leads you to number 5.
  5. Read a book – Books are always present on my bedside. Reading a book 1 hour before bed makes me fall asleep easier as it relaxes my eyes. Books also don’t emit any harmful light on our eyes. Reading a book helps me get good dreams also as studies have shown that the last thing that you were thinking about before going to sleep usually gets to be part of our dreams. So make sure not to pick a fictional horror book before sleeping. My choices are self-help, business and motivational books. Don’t read magazines or newspapers as it may just stress you out before going to bed. I’d rather have you fall asleep with a book in your hand, than with your phone.
  6. Drink at least 500 ml of lukewarm water 1 hour before bedtime – When you wake up, you are going to be dehydrated for sure, being deprived of it for 7-9 hours straight. Getting to bed fully hydrated will help you wake up not lethargic or tired but with energy. Either drink warm or lukewarm water, not cold, because cold could cause you to not fall asleep faster. Make sure to have 500ml to 1 liter of COLD water also upon waking up to refresh all those lost fluids while you were sleeping.

As a bonus, I recommend breathing exercises for 2-3 minutes with your eyes closed before going to sleep to help relax. Also, I play music using my Google Nest speakers at a very low volume. Playlists on Spotify like focus music, binaural beats or peaceful piano help set a mood to go to sleep. Recorded Nature sounds also are a great way to help you fall asleep. Lastly, I want you to visualize 3 things that make you happy, and think about it for 3 minutes. Instead of lying in bed worrying and thinking about stressful things, visualize a place that makes you feel happy and calm. Picturing and concentrating on an environment that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed can take your mind away from the thoughts that keep you up at night.

Question of the day: What’s the one thing that you do that you think helps you fall asleep at night?

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