How many clients do you have when you started the year? And how many have you gained or lost as of today? I asked this because simply, repeat clients earn you a lot more for your time. Every new client or customer you get comes with an “acquisition cost”, factor in your advertising cost to get the person or company, as well as other fees you’ve added in the process of landing clients.

Here’s 5 ways on how you can maximize the clients that you get:

1. The Retainer – a good client can become a great client when you’re asked to be on retainer. That simply means that the client retains a certain amount of your time. Negotiate your terms that is a win/win for both parties, put them into writing and revisit every 6 months or 1 year if you must.

2. The BIG Client – bigger clients will offer you more opportunities to work on. If you’re working for 1 of their departments in their company, help them refer you to an internal colleague. That’s how you go from 1 department to another. Ex. I went from working with the Advertising department to the Sales department to the Operations department with a client within 2 years time and ended up with 5 projects within just 1 company.

3. The Keep Warm – always make sure to stay with your client even after the work has ended. That’s where your regular email marketing and social media strategy comes in. It can potentially reel them back in for more since they are “happy” with the work that you’ve done for them.

4. The Upsell – sometimes a client starts small projects with you because they’re “testing waters” and then you get a chance to propose a bigger project and another one. Whatever it is, whatever project or product you’ve sold, make sure to offer other things you have that could be of interest to them eventually. Timing here is important too.

5. Additional Projects – the quickest way to get repeat clients is by earning multiple new projects from the SAME client. Make sure all your new clients get the full range of what you offer, not just what they inquire about. Your website, presentations and sales pitch need to make that absolutely clear.

We’ll talk about getting referrals on tomorrow’s blog.

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December 21, 2020 Khel Lawrence

Just to share with you what I have experienced in the hotel. For us to get a repeat customer, it is always suggested that we should give them a warm welcome and a very hospitable environment. We should pamper them as if they are treated like royalty. Whenever I am serving in the hotel’s restaurant, my usual guests would always request me to serve them as I always give them my 100% attention and service.

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