The various parts of the world specifically produces the best qualities of fabrics as their specialty. It’s worth remembering the best and most economical countries to choose from when sourcing fabrics for your own collection.

Here are the list of countries and what types of fabrics they produce the best or are famous for:

1. USA – Fur, Knits and Cotton
2. China – Wool, Fur, Silk, Cotton, Synthetic Fabrics, Organic Fibers and Synthetic Leather
3. Canada – Wool, Knits & Beaver Fur
4. Mexico – Denim, Wool and Cotton
5. Japan – Cotton, Silk, Organic Fibers, Denim, Technical & Active Wear Fabrics
6. Korea – Silk, Cotton, Synthetics & Embroidered Fabrics
7. France – Jersey & Lace
8. Italy – Fine Jersey, Wool, Leather & Silk
9. UK & Ireland – Wool, Knits & Linen
10. Scotland – Cashmere
11. Sweden – Fox Fur
12. Finland – Fox Fur & Mink
13. Denmark – Mink
14. Belgium – Linen & Velvet
15. Mongolia – Cashmere
16. Australia & New Zealand – Merino Wool
17. Cambodia – Cotton & Silk
18. India – Embroidery, Beading, Cotton & Silk
19. Turkey – Knits, Denim, Woven Fabrics & Cotton
20. Brazil – Latex, Organic Fibers & Leather
21. Chile – Chinchilla
22. Peru – Prima Cotton & Alpaca
23. South Africa – Mohair & Wool

Consider researching particular types of fabrics from the countries listed here and you might be able to source a unique type of fabric for your own collection.

Lastly, consider promoting the origin of certain fabrics that you used in your collection if they have been sourced from countries famous for their top notch quality materials. It adds value to your collection’s quality and perception.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite type of fabric?

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January 1, 2021 Khel Lawrence

I learned something new from this. I did not know that these type of fabrics are available in several countries. For me, the type of fabric would really depend on the style I am looking for. But for me, the most comfortable type of fabric would be the ones used on for dri-fit (I think they are classified as Active-Wear Fabrics). This is comfortable for me because I sweat a lot and this type of fabric easily dries off.

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