Let’s get things straight. Packaging plays a huge part of branding. If you noticed the most successful brands have it all down to the smallest details when it comes to packaging, especially now that the online experience is such a major cog in retail business. Doing it correctly can enhance your brand image and leave a great impression to your target customers. Using the right type of box, wrapping paper or carry bag that aligns with other visual elements can help create a great buying experience for every single customer’s purchase. Personally, it was one of the major reasons I bought products from brands, just because of how nicely it was handed over to me at a store, or how it arrived at my doorstep after ordering from a brand’s website.

Below is a list (in no particular order) of packaging materials you need to consider having for your brand.

1. Envelope – This is where you put in newsletters, invoices or documents for your customers.

2. Plastic bag – A sturdy bag to put in purchases.

3. Paper bag – An eco-friendly option for packaging in-store purchases. Shows that your brand cares for the environment.

4. Membership Card – Perks, discounts and loyalty badges for your customer to use. Great way to get return customers.

5. Business/Name Card – This should have a uniform template for all employees, from the top position to the lowest position that requires a Business Card.

6. Wrapping Paper – Great way to wrap your products if you are shipping them. Brings your customers closer to you if they purchased it online. Some customers even keep the wrapping paper and reuse it.

7. Invoice Paper – Official billing. The nicer the quality of paper you use, the better.

8. Folder – Holds documents or purchases that are paper related.

9. Money Plate – A nice way to place the customer’s change and return it to them. Small details matter.

10. Letter Paper – Your own heading and footer on a nice high quality paper.

11. Gift Box – For those planning to gift what they bought from your store, or a great way to deliver a package to a customer, this is a top priority for me. Case in point: LV & Hermes gift boxes are top of the line.

12. Brand Stickers – Have them in small sizes good enough to fit a mobile phone, a laptop, cars, skateboards, notebooks, etc. Free brand promotion for you.

13. Garment Bag – Usually reserved for dresses & suits. A nice clean logo placement will go a long way.

14. Hangtags – Another priority for me. Hangtags or labels are a great way to make an impression to your customers. The better the quality, the better the feel of the brand feels like.

15. Staff Uniform – Store staff uniform. Make sure they look good after a lot of washes. Pick good materials for your staff uniform because they’re going to wear them a lot of times repeatedly. It’s a representation of your brand!

16. Tissue Wrap – A thinner paper used together with the wrapping paper and the gift box. A repetitive logo print on this is a great way to make a lasting impression to your customers.

17. Gift Card – Make it very clean and clear, easy to read. This is supposed to make the receiver excited about using it. Pay attention to detail here.

18. Pen/Pencil – For your customers to use when writing their feedback or writing a reservation note in your store or for your staff use as well.

19. Name Tags – Your brand colors should mirror the staff name tags in the store.

20. Greeting Card – Have 2 kinds, 1 for regular season and 2 for the holidays!

21. Hanger – I love hangers! It’s an exciting detail for me in the store and a great freebie also when you get it included in a dress or suit purchase too!

22. Tape/Ribbon – Repetitive logos on these 2. Colors matter here!

23. Receipt Holder – A small detail but very impressive and cool to have. I love receiving a receipt inside a holder. It adds more value to my purchases!

That’s it! If you think there’s something I missed out, let me know in the comments section!

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December 14, 2020 Khel Lawrence

I agree with your list! Just to add:

Name plates with uniforms can also help. Yes uniforms already have an impact for branding, but adding small details can lift up the brand itself.

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