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First of all, if you’re reading this, I want to thank you for visiting my website! I really appreciate you for spending your valuable time to read stuff about me and what I do. So, what do I do for a living? I wear many different hats. I’m horrible at about 98% of the things that I know, but I’m definitely great at the 2% that I’m good at. Let me talk about that 2% about me for a moment.

Around 2011, I started a event that eventually became a recognizable brand called Sole Slam, and from then on out, the brand’s growth coincided with mine as well. Besides operating Sole Slam Industries Inc and the sub-brands that I’ve invested in. I’m a Branding & Marketing Consultant for various companies, startups or large scale. I’m known as a curator and mad scientist when it comes to brands or event management. I love coaching people based on what I’ve learned throughout my life and I do speak publicly about the things I know of. I’ve also invested a lot of myself in various industries, from fashion, restaurants, trading, artist/talent management, distribution and implementation.

During my free time, I love reading business books, taking care of my pet dogs and my fish tanks (I own multiple types of Arowanas and I’m in love with them). I’m currently a Blue Belt in Ribeiro Jit-jitsu under the DEFTAC Team, and I hope to be one day a Black Belt in the sport. I also love playing basketball and follow the NBA very closely. I’m a huge Washington Wizards fan, and that’s rare! I play Table Tennis competitively and absolutely love the sport since I was 12 years old. I’ve been married since 2010 to my beautiful and loving wife Kristina, who is great at numbers and has a very soft heart for animals!

And yes, I am a tech geek (I am addicted and fascinated to the latest technology) and I love the sneaker culture, even if I’m retired already from collecting shoes. (You probably know that already lol)

I’m here to share all my experiences working with many successful companies and the amazing people I’ve worked with my entire life. I love to connect with various people around the globe, to grow my network worldwide and explore new fields of interest. I’m always eager to learn and share what I’ve learned. That’s basically who I am.
Let’s connect!
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