It’s an action plan killer. You thinking too much of what would happen if you do this or that, thinking too much about what people may think about your actions, worrying too much based on the past, or simply trying to get things “perfect”. You get the point. Overthinking is a sure fire way to f*ck up your life.

Here are 8 simple ways to stop OVERTHINKING that you need to keep in mind:

1. Let go of the past – You cannot change what happened before, but you can take note of it to make a sound decision today, so you’ll never have to regret thinking about another “past”.

2. Become self-aware – I keep saying how important every kid and person needs to develop self-awareness. Awareness of oneself is the start of CHANGE. When you realize what you are, what you’re not and what you can/should improve on, then it will make you a better person that knows how to take action.

3. Focus on what can go right, not on what can go wrong – This is the most basic reason why we end up having our ideas or plans stuck in our head. We worry too much about what can go wrong with our plans, instead of thinking about what are the benefits or plus points of trying to do it, even if you’re not ready.

4. Focus on solutions and not the problems – A person that leads finds solutions to problems, not point out what the problems are. Focusing on problems are for weak people, because they are in the “COMPLAINING DEPARTMENT” of life. They’re stuck to seeing what’s wrong without finding a viable solution instead.

5. Stop waiting for perfection – Ask all the successful people in business and in life, none of them got it right when they started, they just started it even if they were not ready then worked on improving themselves. The best athletes in the world were not great when they started, they all sucked. Just remember that.

6. Don’t be afraid of failure – I like to document publicly how many failed business ventures I got myself into before succeeding finally with 1. Failing simply means it’s a lesson learned. It’s so hard to learn from the failures of other people because it’s not first hand. We learn things the hard way, and failures teach us that. This is one reason too why most people never get to start, out of fear of failing. I don’t have that fear of failure in my body at all. I just took that out of my system. It’s not an option. “No failures, just lessons.”

7. Put a timer for work start and end – Most people can’t stop thinking about their work even after working hours. Learn how not to respond to business calls, check work emails and responding to messages that are work related after working hours. Focus on your personal wellbeing after your work timer ends. That goes the same when you turn on the start of your work timer too. Zero distractions from outside your working timer.

8. Understand that you can’t predict the future – Even with the best data gathered based on forecast, it’s really hard to predict the future. Don’t focus on tomorrow and what could happen, but instead focus on planting your seeds today so you don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

Question of the day: What do you worry about the most every day and why?

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What people talk 5 Comments

December 12, 2020 Jimbo

I worry more about my financial and future career. Also, i am always thinking the condition of my family if they are good and if they have problems to deal with!

December 15, 2020 Marinela Paano

Most of the time I’m worried to be a failure. It’s hard when everyone are expecting too much in you, on how well you are doing in school or how do you act when not around church. I fear criticism, i’m very much worried to disappoint those people who keep on believing me.

January 9, 2021 Poging Pinoy

Money and the future

January 9, 2021 rhona

Bills. Whether monthly, quarterly, or annually, bills are relentless. If we ignore them, they only get bigger, louder, and more destructive. The thing is: we all have bills and letting them run your life isn’t going to improve its quality any time soon.

January 9, 2021 jocelyn

Work. There will always be projects, chores, errands, and emergencies at work. Nobody has a career that’s without stressful situations.

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