You’re required to wear many different hats as an entrepreneur, more than you can count to be honest. Sometimes you’re the CEO, and sometimes you’re the janitor, it’s no joke. It takes a toll on you and you’re required to change hats all, day, long. So, what can you do to manage your emerging stress levels and remain cool, calm and collected as much as possible?

Here are my top 6 tips to not go crazy as you pursue your entrepreneurship journey:

1. Resiliency is key – What is Resilience? It’s about refusing to let failure get you down, no matter how big or small it may be. You never take no for an answer or let 1 failure get in your way to your journey to the top. Understand that these are merely roadblocks that you need to go through any way you can.

2. Take good care of yourself – Good healthy food, regular exercise and 8 hours of sleep. We all know these are necessary downtime for our body and mind. Never forgo these 3 things. Add meditation for that mental alertness and focus that you need to get the job done needed every day. It’s going to be a stressful day for you always when you’re an entrepreneur, so preparing your mind and body is a non negotiable. Just notice most of the successful entrepreneurs have a certain healthy diet, healthy body and sharp minds all day long. Rarely will you see someone successful that is unhealthy looking or lethargic.

3. Create your inner circles/network – Keep in touch with your business network and inner circle of friends for social plus professional purposes. Life as a business owner can be very lonely and sad as not a lot of people will understand or dig in to what you’re working hard for or at, and it’s ok. Sometimes you just need someone you can talk to or just vent out your frustrations to or share small pieces of your success with over lunch or a video call. Don’t ever feel that you’re in an island by yourself. Stay connected to the people you care about the most and the people you look up to.

4. Take scheduled breaks – We’re only human. We juggle things left and right handling a business. It can take it’s toll on you. Sometimes you just need a quick reset or timeout from that draining 1 hour meeting or intense work sessions. Don’t jump from 1 meeting to another without taking quick 5-15 minute breaks in between to just clear out your mind, and set your mindset for the next. It’s going to give you better focus as you take on more tasks during the day.

5. Create a schedule and stick to it – A lot of us need to discipline ourselves to a strict schedule to maximize our day to be productive. This is more true whenever you transition from a busy, deadline driven type of working environment with a huge area of unstructured time as you build your business further. Give yourself that realistic office hours. Set a start and set an end time. Be sure to make time for your interests, hobbies and social/family commitments. I usually take that 3 hours in a day where I have extreme focus on my top tasks, with no distractions. Then after those, I do what I’m normally tasked to do like respond to messages or emails, work on my social media engagements. I put everything on a phone calendar reminder so it sort of subconsciously reminds me of what I need to do every hour of the day.

6. Find a mentor – The more mentors you have, the better. Look for someone who has been successful in building their business. They’re usually going to share habits of champions that you can adopt, or be a good connection for you. They could give you great advice, words of encouragement and even support when you need it the most. If you have the resources and think you would need to be accountable, you can hire a business coach. Yes, that would be me (shameless plug I know, but hey you’re getting all my content for free because someone else is paying me to somehow so I can do this everyday too).

On a very important side note, did you know that Multitasking reduces productivity and is proven to increase a person’s stress levels? It’s because our human brains has to stop/start from time to time to process multiple actions at once. We are not computers or AI, we are humans. Let’s not forget that. Always be intentional in trying to reduce stimulations and focus on a single priority at a time before moving on to the next task at hand. Don’t hop from 1 task to another back and forth. (Revisit Tip # 5)

Question of the day: What do you do in between your daily tasks to ease your mind?

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